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Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Monday

Hello everyone! We had an excellent weekend here. We took Cadence to a nice place for dinner on Friday night. Really, we wanted scallops and LOVE this place's scallops so she came along. We threatened a beating if she was naughty ;) but she did really well and it was a very nice time.

Saturday we had a housewarming party to attend. My cousin and her husband bought their home in December but just got around to having a gathering to show it off. It was a nice time and we stayed until 10:30 or so that night.. it was fun!

My victory from the party was that they had those big plates with compartments on them for food. You know the ones?? Big rectangular styrofoam plates with little squares and big squares for separating food. Well... I put my meat in the big square and then side salads in the other ones and there were OPEN spots! The places that did have food were only partially full because I know my limits and didn't want to waste. I wound up not eating all the food I took anyways!!! Actually, I didn't care for one of the salads and I was just plain FULL (not even.. more satisfied!) to finish the rest. I actually felt like people were looking at me funny when I sat down because my plate was so not full.

I did step on the scale and it was down but knowing how my body works I won't change my ticker until the actual weigh day. I'm sick of weighing what I weigh quite frankly. Time for some moving down, please? :D

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  1. Fingers crossed for moving down!!! Well done on the food side of things too. You are having some real wins there ;)