Rockin' it Out!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Angie & Catherine hooked me up!

I asked Catherine if she had any goodies left to share with me from her stash recently.  She didn't but she sent me an email of her friend Tracy who totally hooked me up!!!  She sent me 2 dresses in a 16 and one fit!!!  I would need some supportive undergarments but it fits!!  Check it out!
The other dress is stinkin' adorable (black halter - think: little black dress!) but it has zero give so that one will have to wait until I am actually a 16 I think!! Haha!
She also sent me several 1x and XL tshirts and all of the tees fit me fine (Hallelujah, even a GAP tshirt which I didn't think would fit since it was gap!).  She also sent me a pair of size 16 Ralph Lauren jeans... I tried them on for shits and giggles and VOILA! they fit too!!!  I got some MAD muffintop out of those beasts but dammit, they buttoned!
Yikes, check out that ass shelf!  Trust me, it goes all the way around in these jeans!!

The hubby was taking all sorts of pictures of me that night... check out this picture where he made me pose!!!  I have one of him right behind me too but he retook it so he wasn't in the shot, LOL.
That cracks me up!!  OK, so then she also sent me a pair of workout pants... they are a 1x :)  Here's me in them with one of the tshirts she sent!

Also, my dear, darling, Angie sent me that size 18 American Eagle skirt she mentioned in her blog a while back.  I kept meaning to take a picture for her and the one night before work I was all ready and wearing it and the freaking camera batteries were dead.  So it goes.  Angie, here's your pictures :)  One of me holding my gut in the mirror, lol, and the other of me sticking my tatas out... wtf, no decent pics, LOL.
Alrighty, folks... that was a WHOLE lotta Tiffani!  Hope you enjoyed it, LOL!!  Hope everyone had a great weekend too!


  1. Yeah! "New" clothes! So cool they fit. I can't wait to start sending off my stuff...I will have 18s and 16s aplenty to bequeath.

  2. Nice pics, Tiffani. You love the clothes - your smile says it all!

  3. very cute! Love the different backgrounds! Angie sent me a skirt as well, but it is too short for my big old legs and I am afraid my lady bits will hang out! haha....gotta love our bandster girls!

  4. Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!!!!!

    You look great Tiffani.

    Love the photo of you looking into the mirror, tres sultry :-)

  5. aww it looks awesome on you! yay!

  6. Great clothes! You do look so excited in them, I love new things, even if they are someone else's old things! Weekend was pretty good here, back to feeling almost normal!

  7. How great!! I am so happy that that worked out well! :)


  8. Tiffani...size 16 WOW !!! Rock it girl !! You look amazing in that dress !! I just officially kicked out the size 20's and am into my 18's..there a lil snug and do have some muffin top issues but golly they button w/out holding my breath so were going with happily with those !!!