Rockin' it Out!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Weigh-in Day

Not our picture but basically what it looked like :)

Well, it's Friday and I had to record my weight. Of course, last night I went for dinner and drinks (had one!) with a good friend so I'm sure I would have lost more had I not done that... boo. Anyways, I'm down a 1/2 lb this week from last Friday. I'll take it! :) Going from not losing for soooo long to starting to lose ANY amount of weight sure does make you feel grateful!! :)

Last night we went to a Japanese restaurant and did the hibachi table experience. My friend had never had it before so we shared the "dinner for 2" option so she could try more things. We also shared a sushi roll and I think I only had 2 pieces and took the rest home to the hubby. Then dinner consisted of steak, chicken, scallops and the typical veggies and such. Soup and salad came first too but I just ate the soup. I'm not fond of the ginger dressing on their salads. Anyways, it was delicious and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Boo to the scale but a loss is a loss!!! :)


  1. Tiffani - was that your first drink since surgery? What did you have? I was always a vodka and tonic girl, so I'm going to have to find a new beverage of choice!!

    Congrats on the 1/2 pound, sounds like dinner was GREAT!


  2. Jen - I kinda drink. A lot. Not like alchololic a lot. But kinda. I can drink booze with a carbonated mixer, I find the vodka kinda kills the bubbles.

  3. Jen - definitely not my first drink post-op! I had a specialty drink last night called a midori colada. It had midori, run, pineapple juice, and whatever that colada mix is, lol. Delicious and my fave there. I also am ok drinking bubbly alcoholic beverages. I don't reach for the soda when I'm home or out but mixed I feel ok with.

    Thanks :)

  4. Sounds like a nice night out, what a treat.

    I am counting the days until that first glass or red wine.

    Good to know re: mixed drinks. A couple of ladies in my lb support group say that after six months to a year they were able to have 1 beer, but that was their self-imposed limit.

    And I also heard from them that if you're about 6 months post op and something is stuck you can try drinking a can of soda.

    Sounds risky to me! But the principles behind it kind of make sense.

    Anyone else hear that one?

  5. I've actually had a few sips of soda... especially if my tummy is upset - definitely elicits burps better than before - I haven't done a whole one yet. And I am SO GLAD to hear others still drink... phew! (As I sit here typing with my glass of red wine)

  6. I've done the sips of cola too when I got something stuck the other night. Good thing the guys were drinking it with their meal! It didn't hurt me and shifted the food. I have also had a glass of red since surgery. You get drunk really fast! lol Happy hour has arrived.

  7. Great job on your weightloss!
    There are times when even not gaining weight can seem like a good week!
    You are doing a great job so far and are definately "rockingtheband".

    If I drink I normally go for Vodka/Cranberry and sip it slowly. 1 drink doesn't make you fat! 10 drinks can! It's all about moderation now!

  8. Good attitude about the half pound! You are wonderful!

  9. Tiffani- A loss is a loss and I'm proud of you!
    I love the hibachi places and if I can keep away from the rice, I think I could eat more. LOL