Rockin' it Out!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, an up and a down!

Another picture from the party on Saturday :) just me and my girl in a "moment!" :)

I leave for work in about an hour.. blech. I pretty much dread going to work these days. I really don't know why I am still there. I think I feel a sense of guilt. If I leave no one will know how to do the insurance I do and that leaves them hanging. Yet, no one seems to want to LEARN so why should I care!? That's actually my down in the title.

My up is actually a down haha.. I'm down in weight again!!!! I'm at 216 even and that makes me at another low. I'm down 27.6 lbs now and I'm HAPPY that the damn scale is going in the right direction again.

Last night I went to the monthly support group and as usual we split up into three groups. Pre-op bypass (millions), post-op bypass (millions), and band pre and post-op (5 people). Seriously.. why is it such a minority?!?! I feel like maybe the people that want the bypass are looking for the quick fix and not really looking into their options. I could be TOTALLY out of my league but why do more people not choose the band??

Anyways, it was nice to talk with just band people again. Some familiar faces, some new. One gal was pre-op. I think she would have chose bypass as well but she is self-pay and they only allow you to self-pay for band because of the potential complications with the bypass. I didn't really walk away from this meeting feeling like I had any new information but it was nice just to talk to fellow bandsters again.


  1. Love the picture Tifffani! She is adorable!

  2. a friend of mine is having bypass around the same time i am being banded. i asked her why she chose the bypass instead of the lapband. she said that getting the band meant that she would have to be in control of what she ate and with the bypass she wouldnt. i hope she didn't tell the psychologist that in her mandatory appointment!

  3. Tiffani - here in Richmond, it is the opposite - tons of bandsters and only a few GB's... interesting!

  4. Slowly more people are getting lapband at our facility. But remember that gastric bypass has been around longer, got more publicity, and is more likely to work! As we all have learned, the band requires a lot of effort on our part...and some people are just ready to lose the weight fast and be done with it! I was supposed to go to our support meeting for the first time last night and I didnt go...again :(

  5. My area is similar to Sarah's, lots of bandsters, less GB's.

    I can understand the appeal of a GB, but I also feel like it's important for me to deal with all the head stuff that got me so heavy while I do the physical work. Plus the bypass makes me a-scaaared!