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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thanks :) and plastic surgery talk!

Thanks for all the lovely comments from my pictures and 4 mos anniversary post! :) I don't have much to say (have been pretty boring and lazy lately) but wanted to post to say as much.

Also, I was asked what my thoughts are on plastic surgery so I thought I'd give that a go.

As of right now I have no loose skin but just a bunch of fat-filled skin still. Sounds like I'm ripping on myself but I'm just being honest. I have a small (see, I can be nice) apron of a belly and then I have that top roll... the non-muffintop muffintop as I saw it referred to as. It doesn't touch the belly part of my abdomen, it is just there... it's gotten smaller so I hope it just disappears. The apron seems to be just getting smaller at this point as well. I have NO idea what my body will look like when all is said and done. I am definitely not opposed to having some sort of plastic surgery to make things tighter that won't get tighter by working out. I would consider a breast lift at this point already but since I have more work to do I'll wait.

I know I'll consider a tummy tuck one day but I am not done having children and that seems like a silly idea to even ponder until I'm done having all my babies. BTW - I'm thinking 2-3 kids is a good number and I have one already. Also, I wouldn't consider the breast lift until post-babies as well since I'm pro-breastfeeding and babies do crazy things to your boobies!

Another area I'd love to have done is the flags under my arms. UGH! I have ALWAYS had this so I expect I'll have them for the duration. You can touch the hanging skin there and it is just that and has always been... hanging skin! Nasty. I've always been self-conscious of it but I'm not sure if I'd be self-conscious of the big nasty scar you get from that surgery.... something to consider anyways.

So that's that... what surgeries do you think you would consider?


  1. Hi Tiffani - Congrats on your awesome losses! Very cool. You are so young! Definitely wait until you are done having babies for any PS. I had 4 kids (youngest is now 3) and extended breastfed them all (3 years for one baby! another got 2.5 years). It is SOOO worth it.

    BTW, the I think the first thing my husband said when I told him I wanted to get the band was, "Oh, awesome, so you are going to get a boob job once you lose the weight!?!" Um, yeah, okay, a nice way of saying all that breastfeeding and dieting/regaining has not been kind to my boobs.

    Anyway, thanks for the blog, as a newbie I really appreciate your thoughts.

  2. See I'm like positive I'll get a tummy tuck next year, even though I haven't even started having kids. I have so much extra skin already, and I can just imagine what it'd look like when its all empty. Luckily it's like all in my tummy. I know I could possibly need more work done later in life, but I think it's important for me to feel good now/at goal, not almost good.

  3. Hi! Thanks for being so candid about plastic surgery. I'm with you! Depending on how I look afterwards (I'm no spring chicken anymore, and so my skin isn't springy!), I may have a tummy tuck (not the 360 thing, it freaks me out) and a breast lift. I'm dreading what my arms will look like, and like you, I hate the scar that is left behind. Maybe they'll have a new way of doing it that is relatively scarless? Hmmm...

  4. I dont know what I will need when it is all said and done. Since no children are in my foreseeable (spelling?) I am not worried about that. When I started I thought for sure my boobs and tummy, but so far my tummy is holding up okay. I am now worried about my inner thighs. A thing lift!!!! I hadnt even been worried about those.

  5. Hi Tiffany,
    I across your blog through that of another friend and have to say that all your insight is amazing and incredibly helpful. Im starting my own blog about this journey as well (

    Thanks for posting your thoughts on the plastic surgery since that is certainly on my mind for the future !!!