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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ridiculous Question!

A sample of what our DL's look like in our state. This chick weighs 100 lbs LOL.

My driver's license is up for renewal on my birthday this year, 09/09/09. My current weight on my DL is 220. Well, guess what... I don't weigh that. But guess what what (yes, I meant to do that)... I weighed 35+ lbs more than that when I got my license! Big ol' lie and I probably wasn't kidding anybody, lol.

So my ridiculous question is what should I put my weight as on my DL?! I know it's going to keep going down so a part of me wants to put like 185 or something but I also feel really bad about lying about being under 200... I certainly didn't feel bad putting 220 as my lie because that was still a lot but somehow putting less than 200 feels like a really big lie and I shouldn't do it!! I also don't want to have to go back and change my weight on my DL in a few months because it's way off and I'm embarrassed to pull it out... not embarrassed I guess.. more like I would be excited to change it again because I passed under the weight again, know what I mean?

So help... what's a girl to do!?


  1. I got my first DL when I was 16 and I was 157lbs...for realz so they kept sending me extentions and I never changed any info. Well, 8 years later I got a speeding ticket. (not my fault really, I had the sunroof open and I thought there was a peice of tinsel in my hair so I was distracted...turns out it was my first grey hair :( and my first traffic ticket on the same day) lol
    Anyway, when I got the ticket in the mail it was stamped OVERWEIGHT on it. I had to go in front of the judge and he told me yes, I could have a reduction on my ticket...but sorry, he could not reduce my weight! I was told to update it.... So I did.... but I still lied hehe

  2. I would put it as the lower weight. Why not, right? haha. You'll be there before you know it!

    I had to get a new drivers license when I moved to Michigan last May.. I can't remember what I put as my weight (at that point, I was only a month out of surgery). Luckily for me, Michigan does not list weight on our drivers licenses. So I guess it doesn't matter!

  3. Well, I always lied. But then when I moved here to Florida, they dont even have a weight category on it! So weird. But I am cool with that.

    I will disagree with the others and say put your REAL weight, for 2 reasons. First, you aren't ashamed of your weight anymore and know that it is temporary, and will soon be able to look back at that weight and say I cant believe I weiged XXX on 9/9/2009...look how far I have come!

  4. Amy does make a good point...

  5. So funny!! On my DL, my face is like swollen and I obviouly am much heavier than now and the weight shows 180. I'm like 175 now and I look so much bigger. I really want a new picture. I think everyon lies and it's normal to take like 20 pounds off, so 175 or 185 sounds good to me.

  6. ITA with Amy, put your real weight. I've had the same weight (185) on mine since college and I don't plan to change it until I'm under that weight, but that's because it costs $50 to get a new liscense and I don't have the extra at the moment. LOL

  7. When I got mine updated, out of need since I no longer looked like the sea cow I was in the picture I took off about 25lbs from my actual weight since I figured I'd be there eventually. That never happen but that's my own fault...and yours because I recall a few days after I lied to the BMV we had Cheesecake at Stetson's. LOL