Rockin' it Out!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hair, or the lack of it

YIKES!!!! This was my super adorable (yeahhhh) hairstyle while I ate my dinner at the party Saturday. The wind was blowing my hair everywhere and I couldn't get a bite in my mouth without eating a handful of hair too. My brother-in-law came to the rescue with two hairties and I managed to whip up this beauty of a style. It did the job.

Chris took a picture to show me what it looked like and when I saw it on my computer I almost cried. I knew my hair was coming out because well... I take showers. It was coming out in my hands with each stroke through my hair :( recently. I had thin enough hair as it is.

Come back to me hair!!!


  1. it will. are you taking anything for it?

  2. I am not taking anything for it. Also, I suck at taking my vitamins... need to think about a better method for remembering, every day!

  3. I hope you see this... I wanted to reply earlier but sometimes I read people's posts, nod and smile in recognition, tell myself to comment later and totally forget to.

    So, I have thin hair, too. And I went through a stressful period about a year and a bit ago and lost some of it. (So I just know I will be the same boat as you soon!).

    One of my besties is a hair dresser and she really helped me with it. First she made sure I kept my hair coloured with a gentle semi-permanent from aveda- hair colour thickens the shaft of the hair so it's fuller looking.

    And second we pulled a little trick out of our sleeves... Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo in brown. It's a dry shampoo so it's like an aerosol can of brown baby powder. It poofs up the hair you have and because the brown colour gets deposited on your scalp it covers up the bald patches.

    Honestly, yes it worked. But it did feel a bit crusty. But that was an okay trade off for me.

    I also took prenatal vitamins and a extra boost of biotin.