Rockin' it Out!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Soooo close!

I can almost taste 30 lbs lost... it's RIGHT THERE!

Yesterday I weighed in and it delighted me with putting me at 28.8 lbs lost. This morning I was up a lb or so... figures. I fluctuate SO much!! Those people that say they weigh the same as yesterday.. yeah... that's just not happening in this house. I go up and down all day and all night is my best guess. Hate it. At any rate... I was 214.8 yesterday. That's less than 15 lbs til onederland... wtf, where did THAT come from!? Wasn't onederland like this FAR FAR away land that I would never get to!? Well, not anymore ... wow.

People... I'm almost not ashamed of my weight now. I'm actually writing my weight on my blog these days... I didn't do that in the beginning. My ticker up top says I'm 41 some lbs from my highest weight ever. I status updated on Facebook that this (the highest weight) was the weight that my high school friends knew me at. Crazy..

I felt like I was floating all day at work yesterday too. I was just in SUCH a good mood! I don't think tonight will go as well but I just keep looking forward to Thursday to start my 5 days off ;) I really need to quit my job.

Here's to another big weight loss so I can get to my 30 lbs!!! I want it, I can smell it... bring it!


  1. AWESOMENESS! :) I can feel your excitement when I read your I am bouncing!

  2. Good deal... I know the feeling - I'm ounces away from 50 - hopefully we'll get there together! Go 30!!! Go Tiffani!

  3. way to go Tiff! skirt'll be in the mail tomorrow :):)

  4. I am proud of your openess. It feels good doesnt it? Almost as good as 30 pounds is going to feel! It is coming!

  5. Come on down 30 lbs lost!! We are gunning for you!!

  6. Fantastic Tiffani! I bet you are living in Twilight Zone world right now! Keep up the fantastic work!