Rockin' it Out!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another low!!

Dang. Being naughty has never felt so good. I stepped on the scale again this morning (naughty again! weigh-in is Friday) and it rewarded me with a new all-time low!!! 216.6 this morning :) Oh what a feeling. I'm beginning to think that this last fill might have been a good one for me!! I'm officially down 27 lbs this morning which is DAMN close to 30 and ya just gotta love that!! Oh and how CLOSE is that to being under 200 lbs?! WOW!!!


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOO! Thats awesome!!!! you go girl!

  2. awesome!!! so what do you think got the scale moving again? Being stuck sucks :)

  3. Thanks girls!

    I think being back at the gym caught up to me (finally) and my last fill REALLY cut down on the amount of food I can eat. Can you believe the other night I was debating between snacks and ACTUALLY convinced myself to eat something with protein instead... so instead of chips or whatever I had some cheese and crackers.

    We shall see if the trend continues!!!

  4. Brilliant!! Nice to see you're so happy too :) 30 is just around the corner

  5. Atta girl, I'm sure you'll hit 30 in no time flat! and then ONEderland...oooh, lucky girl. Keep up the good work.