Rockin' it Out!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Picture post... 4 mos!

The side view shot. :)

Front view. Size 18 jeans, XL top, L cami. (not fond of the roll in the middle but it's not muffin top.. just THERE! Perhaps from years of wearing my jeans right under that roll??)
Being a goofball, LOL.

Finally, being AMY!!!! LOL
As I took the last shot I said, "LOOK I'M AMY!" and as the hubby shot it he goes, "WHO'S AMY!?" LOL Imitation is the best form of flattery, Amy.. love you girl!


  1. Very Amy, I applaud you! And great job on the terrific pics! Only 4 more days and I'll be a member of the club too!

  2. hahahahah...that is hilarious. I was scrolling down and saw that last picture and said...ooh, that is a "me" pose and then I read what you wrote and it really WAS a AMY pose! hahaha, makes me laugh and smile and I just shared it with Tracey! You are looking good and I love the last 2 pictures bc you are smiling and happy. Can you believe how much your face and neck have changed? Along with your body of course! Keep it up. I think its great that you are staying positive and encouraging others whose weight loss might be a little slower...I still think it has tons to do with body shape and starting weight and millions of other things.

    Regardless...I love you too and thing you look fabulous!!!!

  3. Looking Wonderful!! I can't wait until I'm down to an 18. And then a 16, 14, 12. I'll stop there!! Keep up the great work! Given your post about the 'non' muffin top - do you think you'll need surgery? I like to ask WLS peeps, because the idea freaks me out, but I'll probably need it. Just curiousl

  4. I too have the permanent non-muffin top, muffin top. It's really annoying. It's so unnecessary!

    You look great, gorgeous lady!