Rockin' it Out!

Friday, July 31, 2009

I think I just PB'd???

Well, that was fun... (sarcasm)

I decided to have a snack-sized bag of doritos. I don't know what the deal is but after a few they just did NOT want to go down. I threw the rest of the bag away because the pains I was having made me not want to eat a single chip more. I was having these intermittent pains in my chest and back (same spot just on both sides of me) and I was BURPING like no other. Just air burps. Well, I thought walking would help so I wandered around and finally leaned over the sink in one of those moments of pain. Well, I burped and it felt like stuff was RIGHT in my throat and I burped again and up came all those doritos I just ate. That's all... just the doritos... and it wasn't even uncomfortable or weird. Was this a PB? I felt instantly better and the burps stopped after that. Crazy! I don't wanna be doing that often... or ever.

So my guess is I was full and didn't need anything else. No more could fit so up it came. Convenient in a way but nasty in so many more ways. That'll teach me. AND it was a SNACK-SIZED bag!!! Oh well, not trying that again.

So those that PB... sound familiar? I've never done it before...


  1. HMMM....I do this at least once a week as well. I consider this more of just throwing up bc when I really PB there is a lot slime and sometimes foam!

  2. I do this when I eat chicken. I miss chicken, and I ate 1 bite at the chinese resturant we went to last night and it would NOT go down so I had to hightail it to the bathroom. I really miss chicken. lol the only kind I can eat it Pulled chicken.