Rockin' it Out!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jeans Sale!! and Weigh-in Day!

Whew, what a day! Woke up, hit the gym for an ass-whooping by my trainer. We quit a few minutes early to take my measurements and that was a good boost for the day since they were each about an inch less than they were last time (5 weeks ago). I did notice that NONE of the measure tapes start on zero. One of them has a gap before the first line marker and the second one has a little plastic doo-dad that cuts off half of the first inch. So my measurements aren't accurate and I'm not pleased. My trainer said as long as I measure with the same one each time they'll be consistent but I don't like that answer. I want ACCURACY people. ARGH!

Anywho, then it was showtime at home... weigh-in day! The scale spoke to me again with another 1/2 lb loss this week and I'll take it once again. I'm not gonna complain one bit about a loss no matter how it comes! I love it :)

So, once I was up and moving I took the bub to lunch. She requested Red Robin. Oy. Well, I ordered the cripsy chicken tender salad. I ate all the chicken off the top first (I have always done this, don't know why) and then I was full, lol. I got a giant box and I'll have salad for 3-4 more meals. The kiddo had mac and cheese if you wanted to know. ;)

Old Navy is across the street from RR so we stopped in there afterward. They are having a jeans sale and I need me some jeans that fit so why not. Well, who knew they carried up to a 20 in the store!? And if you answered that you knew why didn't you tell me!? They even had my size - 18 short - in stock... well bust my buttons, I was so stinkin' happy! I picked a couple styles and colors to try and wound up taking them both home with me. Then shirt-wise I came away with two XL shirts (WTF... when did I fit in normal sizes!??!?!). One's a nicer shirt that I will wear tomorrow to dinner with my cousin at the Melting Pot (OMG I am craving it already!!), the other is just a 3/4 length, t-shirt material top with a deep cut v-neck. I got a tank/cami in a L (HUH!?) to wear underneath it. The kiddo's only request was a spiderman t-shirt in pink and a bumblebee neck pillow. I got her the neck pillow since we'll (hopefully) be traveling soon for a family vacation and let's face it.. it was stinkin' adorable!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!! I know mine's off to a great start!!!


  1. I am right there with you! No complaints about a loss no matter how small it is! A loss it a loss! You are doing fantastic! Keep it up girly!

  2. size 18 is aweeeeesommme!!! I tried on a size 16 at wally-world [walmart] the other day and THEY FIT! so exciting that we all get to experience all of this togeather and share!

  3. This is almost the same as what happened to me! Good stuff huh? I always get the chicken tortilla soup when I go to red robin. YUM YUM!