Rockin' it Out!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oops, more to say!

Couple things I forgot to mention... first being clothes.

Sarah - all but one top you sent is too big. Not a bad thing but I can't wear most of them... soooooo if anyone is looking to be the recipient of this stuff just let me know! It's mostly 2x or 22/24w I'd guess.

The Old Navy shipment I got a couple weeks ago was all too big except for the pants. I took my 3 mos photos in one of the tops actually and the jeans. I exchanged them and finally got them today. I plan to take pics over again with the correct size top on and compare how I look :) Btw- all the tops fit now... in a 1x :) in the store the XL and the occasional XXL fit fine :) YAY!

The second thing is pregnancy. Last night at the meeting I asked what their policy is on removing fluid in the case of a pregnant bandster. The gal leading the bandsters was the program manager and also an RN. She said they just closely monitor you and if you're doing ok without having it removed then they leave it alone. I had read about some clinics routinely removing all the fluid right off and that scared me so I'm glad to hear they are a bit more rational on the whole topic. YAY!

OK... gotta go get ready for work! Ewww...


  1. Tiffani - thanks for sharing that about pregnancy - I've been wondering... not that we are, but I would love one more sometime - we'll see... I'm on the downward slope to 40, so not sure that I want diapers again... hopefully just some prego friends to live vicariously thru and hold their babies until they puke! And sorry the shirts were all too big - but, good for you! If no one there needs them, send 'em to Goodwill or something equivalent.

  2. Tiffani, sounds like you are doing well also! Your pic with your daughter is just adorable. I wish you luck on your next pregnancy - and thanks for the info about the band while pregnant. I think there is a thread about pregnancy and the band on Take care!!

  3. I am not sure if you read Tracey's blog, but she is pregnant and banded. She is due pretty soon!

  4. Awww you and your daughter are so cute!

    DH and I are going to try to get pg after I've lost some weight.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

  5. Tiffani - did I miss somewhere that you're prego? Congrats!!!

  6. NO NO NO not prego!!!! Just finding out for future information!!

    Amy - I do read Tracey's blog :)