Rockin' it Out!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Overdue, just an update

Hellloooooo my lady friends (and any stray males out there)!  I'm feeling tons better today, rarely even coughing but it's still hanging on for dear life in there!  I still sound hoarse sometimes but it's definitely going away.  Ya know what?  Good riddance!

I've been to the gym Monday and today and plan to go tomorrow and Thursday instead of Friday.  The hubby has an early morning meeting so I would have to skip so instead of skipping (which is mighty appealing - to get to sleep in an extra day!) I swapped days.  Good Tiffani!  Today I walked/ran 1.24 miles which is .01 less than last week.  My trainer makes up the program that I run each time though so I'm not worried about it.  I sweat a bit less than last time which is a good thing I guess... means I'm getting used to it.  My trainer told me a couple times how "fit" I'm getting.  She mentioned she was getting sweaty at one point and took off her fleece sweatshirt she was wearing, lol.

A few things I wanted to address.  A couple posts ago I shared a wedding picture and you all thought I looked super young!!!!  What the heck, that totally goes against my thinking that I look younger now!!! LOL  Let's see if I can dig up a different wedding photo to share here... nope, none on this computer apparently.

I got a new bra!  I sucked it up and walked into Victoria's Secret and grabbed they're largest size, 40DD, and it fit... sorta.  I have to tuck the girls in just so but I figure with a good amount of time I will fit in it just fine!  It's a biofit bra, in case anyone wondered and I love it.  I love that it's got tiny straps and that my girls still sit where they need to.  Also it makes me look skinnier, lol... take a look at the side by sides of my girls, fun fun, I know.

top pic is old bra, bottom is new :)

Last thing I wanted to address was my skinny leg issue... wtf.  Why are my LEGS so much thinner than the rest of me.  It's like I lose in my legs and no where else, lol.  I'm not "complaining" but I'm complaining. :D  Here is a picture that Chris accidentally took of my legs when he was snapping a picture of the kitties when I was posing for the above pics (which also double as my 5mos pics but I didn't give them their own post because I'm not uber-thrilled about my progress).

The rug is not always askew... I move it for pictures, lol.

I've gotta head off to work in about 20 minutes and I'm not dressed for work so I better go find something to wear and head out.  Hope you're all having a good week so far!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Weigh Day

Today is the day I face the music and I'm down .5 lb!  I'll take it :)  Not down to my low but .4 lb from there so I'll take it.

This morning at the gym I doubled up on workouts to make up for missing two days from being sick.  I'm finally feeling better this morning (been sick since Monday night.. I mean DEATH warmed over sick lol) and we did our regular strength session and then went right into a cardio session.  We do 20 minutes and the further distance I've gotten was 1.17 (or .19...) and today I went 1.25 miles!!!  I sweat so hard I had a sweat "necklace" down to my boobs!!!  I have NEVER!!!  I was impressed with myself and felt vile all at the same time.  When I showered after I used cold water but it still felt warm because I was so HOT!  I sweat for a little while after my workout too, just pouring all that sickness OUT... it felt great. :)

Today, once the kid wakes up, we'll get ready and head out to pick up her little friend.  She's soooo excited to see her, they are BFFs.  We're going to go downtown to the children's museum and grab some lunch.  We have a cute little tshirt to give to her friend.  Her bff's bday is 10/5 so we picked it up and I'll take a picture of them together wearing their matching tshirts and give her a framed shot of that picture.  Cadence will like to have a copy in her room, I know that. :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!  Mine's looking up! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clarification and more thoughts on the dress

Turns out the bride, my BFF, made an "executive decision" after seeing the sizing charts and ordered me a 22 instead.  I knew I was just inches from fitting into it but I couldn't get the "what if" thoughts out of my head and went with the 24 anyways.  I know better, I'll fit in the 22 and I'll still need it brought in 6 sizes ;)  They said they can bring it in any number of sizes so I'm not bothered getting a bigger size at this point.

Here's the thing.  I started my WLS journey at a size 24 and had surgery wearing a 22.  I once wore a 26 at my heaviest.  Am I wearing any 24s now?  NONE.  I recently shipped any remaining size 24s off to a newly banded blog buddy :) Am I wearing 22s?  No... 20 - nope... I'm in an 18.  Firmly.  I don't get any muffin top with an 18 and, for the love of god, I can breathe in them... comfortably.  I'm an 18!!!  I have 16s in my closet but I get some mean muffin top and I'm not quite ready for those pups yet.

I'm done beating myself up over having to order a freaking bridesmaids dress in a bigger size.  I know I'm not a 22 or a 24... I know better.  'Nuff said.

Oh and since we all love pics.. here's a relatively unattractive picture of me from the side with my kiddo.  We rode on the "Ducks" in Wisconsin Dells.  They used to use them in the military and they go on the land and in the water.  Fun stuff.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ewww... dress fitting

I'm matron of honor for my BFF's wedding in May.  I just ordered my dress over the phone since I live in Wisconsin and BFF lives in Indiana.  I had to give the gal my measurements over the phone so she could determine what the best size would be to order.  Well... way to make my day depressing.  My bust measurement fits in the size 22 category and my waist and hips fit in the 24 category.  She asked if I wanted to go with the 22 and I couldn't bring myself to do it because WHAT IF I stay these same measurements and I don't fit?  There's no exchanging, there's not enough time for that so I went with the 24.

All I can think is that I better look damn good when they have to bring that dress in 6 sizes.

The only reason I'm mulling this over so much (because I KNOW dress sizes are weird) is because apparently the other bridesmaid wears an 18 (pants) and she fits in the size 18 dress.  How unfair is THAT?

Let's top off this already depressing post, shall we?  It's raining something fierce, I got a cold last night and I can't breathe, and when I called in to work they said so had everyone else and basically guilted me into coming into work sick.  When you compare my sickies to theirs they win since I have congestion and they have the flu.  Blech!!!

Oh, one happy bit of info.  Today is my 5 month bandiversary.

ETA - work called me back and told me not to come in, yay!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Scale Spoke to me too...

... it said, "F*ck you, Tiffani."

I gained 2 lbs since last week.  I know my body and I know I'll be back down TOMORROW but still, frustrating.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another fill and support group

me with my bub, 9/3/05
Yikes, check that photo out.  I've been meaning to post true before pics for some time now but I kept putting it off when I'd look at the photos.  I am truly embarrassed with how I looked.  I was supposed to be at my most beautiful moment.. my wedding.  Ugh.  My kiddo says it best in the picture, "pfft!"
Yesterday I went in for another fill.  It had been 6 weeks since my last visit and I felt like I could use a small one to control my portion sizes a bit better.  I got an asshole of a doctor though.  I've had him once before and was disappointed but couldn't get in with my surgeon so I just opted to see this guy instead.  Well, I asked what would happen when I reached "full" status since I was so close and he said, "we'll reassess when we get to that point."  I told him, "I don't like that answer."  I didn't... I like details, it's just how I work.  He snorted at me and said, "well I don't know what you want me to say."  Then he proceeded to tell me that the band doesn't work for everyone and all this bullshit (pardon me, I'm still a bit burned).  I was so angry!!!  Anyways, the NP that was shadowing him gave me my fill and I asked how much I got and he said, ".5 cc."  I said, "so I'm full?"  He said, "pretty close!"  UGH!
Well, at the support group the NP sat in on our band group and she told me that the doctors DO NOT prime the band (I had been told they do) and so I technically have 2-3 ccs left from the tubing to fill.  So if you do THAT sort of math I might only have 6-7 ccs in my band.  That doesn't sound so unreasonable... 9 ccs, that sounds like a lot.  I guess I'll learn more soon.
that's me in the middle with a college roomie (left) and a friend

Doesn't my face look like it's about to explode?  I honestly feel like I look younger NOW... 7 years later.  So anyways... support group was helpful as usual but there were a lot of newbies in there too which always means less time to talk about the real issues because they have beginner questions... there needs to be a separate group for them.

Last night we went grocery shopping and  I got things to make yogurt/fruit/granola for breakfast.  Not sure what to call that... a parfait?  I had it this morning and on the yogurt container it said a CUP was a serving.  HELLO, if I put fruit and granola in that cup of yogurt I'll burst, lol.  It was delicious though.
I'll look for a few more before pictures to share with you all really soon. :)
Family photo from October 2008... a year ago.  I've come a long way :)

(ETA - I did space out my post but something is going wrong when I click post so sorry for how this reads if it doesn't fix itself.)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Clothing sizes

I always love when someone asks me a question in my comments area because then I have a topic to blog about!

I am currently wearing XL tops and size 18 jeans.  I feel like I might be in the XL tops for a while but the 18's might be going away rather quickly.  I think it's true whoever said the first few sizes drop really slowly but then they go quickly after that.  I am down from a size 24 jeans (26 at my highest weight) and a 2-3x top.  Yikes!  That's pretty decent, I think! :)  Sometimes I pass myself in a mirror and feel pretty thin and other times not so much.  I definitely carry most of my weight in my belly still so that makes me a bit self-conscious about that but I deal. 

I know better not to compare to other people but it is really frustrating to read about all the other bloggers/banders that are wearing smaller clothing than I am but weigh more.  I get the body size thing but MAN that makes me  jealous, lol.  I've always had to wear bigger sizes for my belly.  I have small legs for a plus-sizer though, always have.  My thighs are pretty normal looking when you compare them and maybe even on the thin side.  I think I might have a picture to demonstrate...
Just small stems on this body!
I'm going to make a new post soon with some before pictures I found on Facebook and some other places.  Blech.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Weigh-in Day brings a big surprise :)

Yeppers, on a weigh-in day the scale finally cooperates and brings me a milestone number!!!  I am soooo excited to finally have reached this one.  It has been months in the making, I swear.
I am DOWN 3.4 lbs since last Friday!  Holy crap!  :) :) :) Despite it being my birthday I managed such an awesome loss this week. 

OK, off to do the happy dance by myself now so you girls don't get annoyed with me ;)  WAHOO!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

eta - the cake my SIL made for me!
We had a relatively quiet weekend!  We went to my brother's house on Saturday and my sister and her family went there as well.  We had a mini birthday party for me by having a cookout and my sister-in-law made a fabulous cake!  Chris took a picture on his phone but he's at work with his phone and he hasn't uploaded it anywhere so I'll share when I can.  We stayed the night at my bro's house and woke up and went to Golden Corral for brunch.  It's a buffet but I had one round of food and didn't finish it all, then went back for a small salad and couldn't finish.  I can't manage to get over my fat-girl status at buffets.  I usually go there STARVING first of all.  So I'm famished and my eyes wind up being way bigger than my stomach.  It's ok but I always feel bad wasting so much food.

From there we drove back home and showered and what not.  Then my brother came to MY house and the hubby and him fixed up a bunch of things around our house.  My hubby is NOT very handy or Mr. Fix-it.  He's just not.  My brother on the other hand is.  So we utilize him whenever we need things done and he gets it done efficiently and always does a good job.  Then my bro stayed the night at our house (with his family).  My SIL made dinner, with me helping in the background, and it was delicious.  It was chicken  breasts stuffed with feta and basil and grilled.  For a side we had cheesy potatoes (leftover from the cookout) and green beans with bacon.  I didn't say she made a healthy dinner but she made dinner.  I couldn't eat all my chicken breast but I finished the beans and taters that I took.  We have plenty of chicken and fixings left so we have dinner for another night or so.

Monday... my brother and family head out for home and off my family went to Red Lobster for lunch with Chris' family for my birthday.  It's sort of a tradition that we get together for some meal and cake for each person's birthday.  Since my birthday is on Wednesday we did it a wee bit early.  I was given several Christmas ornaments and decorations since my FIL remembered me mentioning a while back that I don't have much for decorations... great idea!  He also gave me some moolah, yay!  SIL and BIL went together with their families and bought me a radio/cd player that goes under your kitchen cupboard to save space.  I didn't think I'd get one since the only person I told about it was Chris and no one else asked.  I guess I told the right person! ;)

Today I had to haul my kiddo and myself to the DMV to renew my license.  I went on Friday to avoid the after holiday rush but it was a furlough day at ALL DMV's in our state so they were closed.  Rats, that left me with today to go.. period.  So we waited 45 minutes in the waiting area until we were called over for a 45 second confrontation and then another 45 seconds to get my photo taken.  Another 45 seconds for my license to print and off we went.  UGH!  Waiting sucks.  It wouldn't have been bad for me alone since I brought reading material but the kiddo was all, "is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?"  You get the point...

Tomorrow's my birthday.  I'll be 27.. no big deal.  Nothing special.  Chris is sending me to a day spa though! :)  I'm getting an hour-long massage, a facial, a mani and a pedi.  Ahhhh, excellent! :)

Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Slacking on the posting!

We've been house hunting and shaping up our home for sale lately and I haven't been posting.  It's crazy around here!

Anywho.. I need some advice.  I am 99.9% sure that I'm not getting enough to eat in a day's time.  I could get by on one meal a day, honestly.  I ate today around 1 pm and 3 hours later I am still feeling that fullness feeling that says, "no way are you gonna eat in the next couple hours."  I feel like I just ate!  Thus, my problem.  I am not hungry enough to eat!!!!  I feel like if I ate now I would be forcing it in and probably PB it up (I don't generally PB but if I eat now I feel like I would).  So what the heck is a girl to do!?  I don't care for protein drinks but I'm thinking it might be worth it to start trying them again since I do get enough water in between meals.

I am not losing weight... I am maintaining or even gaining a pound.. it goes up and down every day as it always does.  I am NEVER the same weight day to day.  I work out 4 times a week with a trainer.  I jogged on Tuesday... JOGGED!!!  Haven't done that in 10 years, since high school!!!

How in the world can I get in more food when I'm FULL all day!?  Help a sister out!!!