Rockin' it Out!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Slacking on the posting!

We've been house hunting and shaping up our home for sale lately and I haven't been posting.  It's crazy around here!

Anywho.. I need some advice.  I am 99.9% sure that I'm not getting enough to eat in a day's time.  I could get by on one meal a day, honestly.  I ate today around 1 pm and 3 hours later I am still feeling that fullness feeling that says, "no way are you gonna eat in the next couple hours."  I feel like I just ate!  Thus, my problem.  I am not hungry enough to eat!!!!  I feel like if I ate now I would be forcing it in and probably PB it up (I don't generally PB but if I eat now I feel like I would).  So what the heck is a girl to do!?  I don't care for protein drinks but I'm thinking it might be worth it to start trying them again since I do get enough water in between meals.

I am not losing weight... I am maintaining or even gaining a pound.. it goes up and down every day as it always does.  I am NEVER the same weight day to day.  I work out 4 times a week with a trainer.  I jogged on Tuesday... JOGGED!!!  Haven't done that in 10 years, since high school!!!

How in the world can I get in more food when I'm FULL all day!?  Help a sister out!!!


  1. Hey Tiffani, That can be tough getting enough calories in to keep losing weigh when you are not hungry. I have tried this Bolthouse farms drink - has lots of protein but tastes great. check this one out and see if works for you.

  2. That sucks- for once in our lives we're not able to eat and the weight sticks on.

    Yeah, I would be so curious to see what happens if you gave yourself 2 weeks with protein supplements.

    I bet the weight would really come off then.

    You jogged? Cool. I haven't really jogged since middle school either :-)

  3. Do you think your band might be too tight? I've heard that if you're not eating enough and it's too tight, then weight loss will slow or stop because the body is holding on to everything it's got! I'm thinking especially with working out 4 times a week, you should be eating slightly more calories anyways to help give your body energy to work out.
    Of course, I'm not a doctor or anything, just my 2 cents! : )

  4. Yeah, I would do some protein drinks. Be creative with them. I get frozen strawberries put like 5 or 6 in the blender with some milk or crystal light and some vanilla protein powder and 1/2 bannana. It's yummy!!!