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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have noticed that I've been avoiding things with weird smells. Protein for instance! NO GOOD! Then, tonight, I warmed some refried beans from a can and almost threw up. Hello someone's ASS!!?? Dear gawd, that was awful. Needless to say, I didn't eat any and the can will probably wind up a waste. It's horrid! :(

My nutritionist was finally reached this morning. I tried calling her yesterday and left a message but she didn't return my call. Today, she answered when I called and claimed there was no message from me. Sucktastic! She'll have to forgive me if I stalk her several times a day now when she doesn't return my call immediately. Anyways, she gave me some ideas for how to get protein down. Some I had heard before, some I hadn't. She suggested making it into a smoothie or something similar, mixing it into mashed potatoes, pudding, etc. I would want an unflavored for that, so we'll see if I can track a good unflavored powder down. The vanilla makes me wanna hurl.

She also reminded me why I'm on pureed foods. I was struggling with wanting to try bits of this and bits of that and needed to have my head brought back down from food heaven and reminded why I'm doing this. I need to train my new stomach. If I go too quickly I'm going to cause my band to slip and that means surgery and who wants that!? So, on the pureeds for another week and then I can move on to soft foods. She also recommends not jumping into soft foods in on day. Maybe have one new things per meal so you know what you're not tolerating. Having purees as the other portions will help narrow that down, obviously.

A co-worker told me that each of the doctors (my bosses) asked about me at work today. This sounds very sweet but the one doc apparently followed it up with, "I was wondering when she was going to come in and work on insurance." I have two weeks off of work people!! This one boss mentioned if I'm feeling up to it I can come in and work on the two insurances I manage. I told her sure but no promises... it would all depend on how I was feeling. Well, I'm not even a week out!!!! WTF!? How very considerate of her, eh? On the up side, the other doc called me at home today. I figured I wouldn't get out of the chair fast enough to answer it and it went to voicemail. She was VERY sweet and said no one had heard from me since Friday and she wanted to check on me and see if I was in good spirits. :) That made me smile anyways.

My hubby and I were taking Cadence to swim lessons tonight and I was in the passenger seat and talking to him. Well, he goes, "look at me again!" I did... and he said, "your face is thinner!" :) Ahhh... gotta love that he is noticing and he sees me every day!! :)

I think I'll end on that good note ;)

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  1. I don't mind protein drinks at all. I love my morning one with my espresso, but I've tried the pudding one twice and had to throw away the whole batch both times. It was disgusting. I think I'm making it wrong, so if you come up with a good one/receipe, do share please.