Rockin' it Out!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 4

Today is day 4 of my liquid diet. 7 more days left. Next week Tuesday I'll have to do half a day of just clear liquids in preparation for surgery but that will be no sweat, I figure. I'm already pretty sick of those stupid shakes I drink. I'm almost looking forward to eliminating them for a day. Here's a bit of TMI but I'm a whole lot gassy from all the milk I'm drinking. They mentioned this might happen but it's annoying. I went to a support group last night and my stomach was SOO LOUD! I kept grabbing it (like that helps quiet the insides!) and hoping it would stop.

Did I mention the awesome weight loss!? Good grief. I've lost 5.2 lbs already and it's just been 3 days. Good grief, again. I can't get used to this though since I'll be losing 1-2 lbs a WEEK instead of in just one DAY after surgery, lol.

Yesterday was my pre-op appt. I met with a nurse to discuss the surgery day. She told me where to go, who would call me when, etc. Then I saw the nurse practitioner and she went over my labs from last week with me. My potassium was low but I'm on a med that can cause that so I am now off that. My Vitamin D was low but I live in Wisconsin, haha. I'm on a supplement until surgery for that. Then the complicated one.. my white blood cells were high. They asked me if I had a UTI or something last week (no) so they redrew on that yesterday to see if that's going down. The surgeon figures I had some cold or something and didn't even realize it. Told me not to go home and google weird things! :D He must have seen the look in my eyes!! I was totally looking for something to google when I asked him about it.

So that was the end of that excitement. I forgot to ask for a note for my bosses saying how long I needed off work so I have a call in for that. I'm hoping they call before I head in to work in about 30 minutes.

Easter was good. We woke up at home and Cadence found her basket in the guest room. Then we packed up and headed to my grandma's house where I was the head-chef and cooked a ham dinner for everyone. My brother and his family were there, my aunt, and my grandma, and of course my husband and Cadence. We colored eggs there and immediately demolished them for deviled eggs. I made mashed potatoes and resisted licking the beaters... ohhh man, that was rough!

Oh, the picture is from Easter of my nieces, nephew, and kiddo with some Easter gifts.


  1. Cute picture! And keep your sanity through the liquids... enjoy the weight loss. I've definitely slowed down since the band, but it is still going down, which is the best direction!

  2. Once I blogged about how when you are on the liquid diet to never trust a fart. Seriously...when all you are drinking are liquids...well, you get the idea :) The weight loss on the liquid diet is wonderful. Lots of waterweight goes bye-bye and it makes you feel good when you start your post-op. I got so swept away with the fact that once I went back to real food, the weight loss would probably stop for a little while...while your body gets adjusted to solids, but it starts moving again! Are you getting excited!?

  3. Thanks Sarah!

    Amy - too funny that you said that because I told a co-worker that same thing today at work!!!! (don't worry, we're good friends, lol) Another co-worker asked me if I had "the diarrhea" HAHAHA!!!

    I am super excited but I'm just looking forward to hearing that all my vitamins and such are in check for surgery so I can rest easier.

  4. gas-x really helps. expecially after surgery.