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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Details about the big day!

I think I'm finally ready to write about my experience. For me, there's always that tiny bit of fear surrounding the experience and I can't write anything immediately after for some reason. The same thing happened with my c-section. Just didn't want to talk about that damn spinal. Anyways.. here it is!

We woke up at 4:30 am on Wednesday morning and sometime while Chris was in the shower Cadence woke up to go potty. I was SO happy to see her awake one more time. She climbed into my bed and we snuggled so nice until it was my turn to shower. Well, little stinker stayed up until after we left! I got dressed and did my thing and so did Chris. When it was time to go she was crying about us leaving :( :( :( saying how she just wanted Mommy! :( OMG tear a woman's heart out. I had the hardest time leaving ever! :( Finally, I told Chris we just needed to leave and she'd be fine with Grandpa. Turns out they slept until 10 am but she was still a grump-ass the rest of the day and saying she wanted me. The first time I talked to her after she asked if I was going to come get her! :) HAHA, poor kiddo.

So we arrived at the hospital on time at 6 am. They took us immediately to our little cubby in the wall (basically) to hang out until it was time. The nurse came in and asked a bunch of questions. Her name was Jubilee, btw, what a GREAT name! She was young and cute and very wonderful. I was gowned, blood sugar was checked, vitals all noted, etc. The admissions person came in to ask questions. The nurse was in and out a bunch of times until we saw anyone else of importance.

Finally the doctor came in. I sorta met him at the curtain (I was about to go use the restroom) and so I sat back down and we chatted. He asked what surgery we were doing that day and I replied "gastric banding, what do YOU think we're doing?" :) He has a great sense of humor and replied that he thought the same but wondered if I wanted anything else done while he was in there. I told him I'd like to go home with all my limbs this time. He sighed and said, "oh, ok!" :) Just love that guy. He sure knows how to make a nervous nelly relax a bit!

While he was still in there going over and signing paperwork, the anesthesiologist came in and introduced herself. I don't remember her name either but man was she wonderful too. She was very reassuring and comforting. All these people could surely tell I was about to pass out in fear. She went over all the risks because she has to but then she said, "you are going to be JUST fine! JUST FINE!" And those words made me breathe a little easier, I swear. What a wonderful lady. Can't say enough. Apparently this woman was the lead anesthesiologist and would be there when I went to sleep and be there when I woke up but would float around to other surgeries in between. Mike and a resident, Casey, would be in there the whole time.

Soon after Dr. G and the anes. left me Mike and Casey came in and inserted my I.V. Casey did it with Mike telling him what to do and suggesting things as he went along. They gave me a local and after that the insertion was FINE and, to be honest, there's hardly a mark on my hand where that thing was even. So kudos to them too!

They explained that they would be giving me something to help me relax in a little bit and that I might not remember anything after they gave me that. So once I was ready to roll I kissed Chris goodbye and started crying. Not sobbing, but BIG tears. They instantly said, "here's that stuff to help you relax, you might not remember anything from here on!" I turned the corner (on my bed) and brushed Chris' chest with my hand and said, "see you in a couple hours" with tears streaming down my face. He just nodded... if he had spoken he would have cried for sure. So down the hallway we go, we passed several people in scrubs waiting for other surgeries (maybe even my own, not a clue) along the hallway's edge. The put my bed right up alongside the operating table which I remember thinking wasn't AS skinny as I had been told it would be and thought "hmm maybe I'm not AS huge as some others having this surgery!"

Once I was up on this little table things started happening really fast. They positioned me in a strange, sitting-up position so they could get the breathing tube down easier and then put this mask over my face and told me it was just oxygen but I could taste something else in there and knew I would be asleep before I knew it. I sorta remember them asking me questions with that thing on my face. I remember the guy holding it had to take it off a bit so I could answer but he'd put it back immediately. After that I have no memory! I zipped off to sleep and woke up next in recovery.

While I was in recovery I heard some guy snoring first. I asked my nurse if I snored and she said no! :) There was also another guy in there who was asking someone a billion questions and I remember thinking that guy must be ready for his room and to get him out of there. He was there longer than I was however. I was in and out in recovery and for quite some time after. I heard my recovery nurse call someone and give them a report on me. They mentioned that I was sleepy but easy to rouse from sleep. They mentioned they had given me insulin (no memory) but that just two units made my blood sugar go lower than they expected so they were scared to give me any more. Might I mention how happy this made me to hear? Two units is NOTHING, almost not worth the injection!! ;) For it to do such things is awesome news.. I might kick this damn diabetes thing after all!!! :)

So from there I went to my own little room upstairs. Like I mentioned before I was in and out and not really up for anything for a little while. They were in and out of my room taking vitals every hour and checking on my pain level. I was fine with pain until 3pm, six hours after my surgery or so. My primary nurse told me I was her rockstar! By the way, her name was Erin and she was my absolute favorite. I saw the nurse after her and she was alright too but I just loved Erin. In my room, I basically just watched tv and kept up on pain meds. I got up after a while and walked the halls and used the bathroom but otherwise I just chilled in my room.

Around 8 pm I was discharged and left for home with my meds in hand. The ride home was terrible and I was nauseous the whole time. I had the A/C blasting on me and the window down and I felt horrible. Made it home and went straight to bed. Was up 4 hours later for more pain meds. Basically a horrible night.

The next day Chris wondered if we needed to go back to the hospital because I couldn't eat. Not that I was barfing or anything but I couldn't fathom eating anything. Just no appetite whatsoever. Made it through that day basically on meds all day as often as I could be. I slept after each dose. That night I lay awake most of the night too... that's what happens when you don't stay awake all damn day.

Yesterday was really good and today I feel great too. Yesterday I ate something like 4 times and drank in between. I haven't found a good protein drink yet so I'm not getting adequate protein in but I'll work on that. Might run out today, we'll see. Today, I slept til 10! When I woke up I had half a packet of oatmeal and was full. For the record, I used to be able to eat two packets for breakfast. This thing is already changing me :) It's empty right now but they say sometimes just the empty band will put some restriction on your stomach. I think I'm feeling that for now, or perhaps some swelling. I think I might also have some fear surrounding eating the wrong thing and throwing up. Throwing up would HURT!!

I have a confession to make too. I ate a potato chip/thingy. Chris made homemade "chips" but they were pretty thick. I had one last night. I just made sure to chew really really well. What's the difference between me chewing it really well or me pureeing it before I put it in my mouth? Did anyone else do anything like that too soon? I will be careful because I do not want to puke but man.. the thought of eating anything else already made into mush makes me wanna barf on it's own! Any pureed recipes that are delicious!? I've got to do this for another week and a half! :(


  1. I totally ate little solids here and there...nothing huge, but if I was making Tracey something for dinner, I might have half a tater tot, or a nibble of a noodle or something. I never pureed anything in a food processor or blender. I went from liquids, to full liquids, then to I cant help you there! I posted a recipe for black bean soup last week I think, and at the end you are supposed to puree it to make it creamy...that might be an idea:)

    Arent more blog stalkers fun?

  2. Hi! OMG -- don't cheat on your post-surgery diet! You might have been fine that one time, but if you accidentally eat something too big and get stuck, you could tear out the stitches and cause your band to slip! It's so not worth it!!!

    I just pureed everything in my blender -- it's not hard to do, and the small effort is so worth it, considering the downside.

    Congratulations on your surgery! On the protein drink front, I can recommend the Isopure drinks that look like Gatoraid. They have them at GNC -- something like 44 grams of protein, no carbs, no sugar, and they taste fantastic compared with shakes, which I can't stand!

    Also, I posted on my blog recently about a good scar treatment called Epi-Derm that's been working well for me. Thought you might be interested! I wish I'd known about it 6 months ago when I had my surgery.

    Take care -- and PLEASE -- for your own sake, stick to your dr's instruction! I have some soup recipes on my blog that are yummy -- maybe give one of them a try!

    Take care!


  3. Hi Tiffani, great recount of your experience. It is so good to hear other's stories.

    I resisted the tempation of eating food and chewing it to pulp because my surgeon made a point of specifically telling me not to! She said that in theory it works, but sometimes, because we are so newly banded, and have developed bad eating habits [pushing food down our throat with our tongue for example, without realising we are even doing it] that I should stick to mush only for 1 week. Boy was I tempted though!

    Anyway, you asked some questions on my blog that I am very pleased to answer. No, we did not plan this child, but we are OVERJOYED!!!. We were told that we couldn't have anymore. That was 10 years ago, after we had tried for more than 3 years after our last to concieve and we couldn't.

    I have 3 daughters, 26, 25, and 13. None of them were planned, because I never ovulated regularly. We always wanted at least 4, but gave up trying to schedule

    I was banded on Nov 7 last year and unbeknowingly, convieved on the 2 Jan this year. I am 44 years old. Everything is going really well.

    Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you can think of.

  4. It sounds like your surgery went really well! I wasn't allowed to eat mushies until 1 month after surgery and I wasn't allowed solid foods until another month after that! so I know cheating can be soooo tempting but try not to do it. In the end it's better.

  5. Thank you all for the thoughtful responses. I'm not going to cheat on my diet!! I appreciate the responses on that. I guess I wanted reassurance that it was ok to nibble on things once in a while but.. it's not and I know better. Two weeks isn't that long in the grand scheme of things and I'll manage! :)