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Monday, April 27, 2009

Port pain?

So I have no idea where my port is. I've felt around, gently, and haven't located it yet. I thought it would be closest to the largest incision (what I had heard), which is on the right side, but I really have no idea. Now, though, I feel pain (maybe not the best word... discomfort?) on my left side. Below my breast and above my hips/waist line. So I figured this was perhaps where my port is. It really just hurts when I move around at the waist. Getting up or bending over is when it hurts the most.

Can you help me quit panicking and tell me where your port is located? I wish I would have asked before I left so I'd know for sure.


  1. Okay. So somewhere on my blog is a picture of where my port really is. Somewhere at the beginning of the March posts. I too thought it was under my big incision. I could feel a hard lump there and when I had asked the doc that night after surgery what scars were what...he said that is where he had put the port. SO, when I went in for my first fill I found out it was about 2 inches below my big scar...and the lump I was feeling was scar tissue. To this day I cant really feel my port.
    The pain on the other side still might be gas. Maybe?

  2. Thanks Amy. I need to keep reminding myself that I had surgery less than a week ago... I'm gonna feel aches and pains for a while yet, I'd imagine.

    I also went and researched a little. Seems the docs stitch the tubing and port into muscle and people generally feel that for a while too. It will remain to be seen where my port is I suppose :D I did find your pic! I'll have to take one myself when I find out!

  3. Tiffani - my port is on my right side, up by my ribs. I had pain for about a month after the surgery. Not really pain, but more like stretching. If you've had a child, and know the weird feeling of when your muscles stretch, that was what it felt like to me. Sometimes it was a bit of a nerve being pinched feeling, but never shooting pain. More kind of dull if that makes sense. Mine did go away though, but not for a few weeks. And it was near the large incision... hope that helps!

  4. Okay. So I will assume you have a ticker already on LBT? If not, let me know and I will tell you how to do that one. So, once you have your ticker, just copy the code. Then come to your blogger. Sign in. Click layout. This brings you to the page title Add and Arrange Elements. On the left side there are bars and you want to click on the one that says Add a Gadget. Once it brings up the list of gadgets, find the one that says html/javascript. You can title it (mine is MY DIGITS) and then paste the code for your ticker in the big box. And click save! Its that easy. It should then take you back to the ADD ARANGE PAGE ELEMENTS page and you can drag those little rectangles that are your page elements up or down or all around. To get it on the top of your page, drag it to above the box that says Blog Posts. It should be in the right place then...and the little rectangle will stretch out to be the same size as your Headline bar.

    Have Mercy. Does that make any sense? I know you can figure it out. Between the both of us, we will figure blogger out! Let me know if it didnt work.

  5. I gotcha Amy... I didn't have a ticker but knew how to make one so I made one quick. I did what you said but it still put it off the side.. I kinda like it over there too.. we'll see if it adjusts itself later because it showed it under my title on the edit page. Thanks for your help!!

    Sarah - it is a stretching sorta feeling.. not an OMG I'm dying pain. I'm sure my body will work things out as I heal some more! :) I'm going to cut myself some slack for now though, haha.

  6. My port hurt for a really long time. about 1 to 2 months. and I could feel mine right underneath my incision once the swelling went down. then it slowly started to disapear it was strange. now how my doctor told me to find my port is if I lay down and tighten my abs you can feel it kind of pop out if you feel around really good. mine is about 1 inch down from my incision which is about 2 inches above my belly button and to the right.