Rockin' it Out!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Scoop

So yesterday I had to work half a day. On my way home I checked my cell and had a voicemail from the hospital in Madison that I *wasn't* scheduled for surgery at. They said there was a complication with my form of payment and that they scheduled me at the wrong hospital. They in turn had two options for me... 1) wait until the next open date at that hospital - June or 2) they had gotten the surgeon to agree to come in on his day off and do my surgery only on April 22. Well, obviously I chose April 22 but not before I agonized over the fact that my boss was going to be pissed at me. I called her at home and explained the situation to her and she said we'd talk today about who would cover my time off, etc. So it was all a go.

The other small detail was that I was supposed to have started my liquid diet on Wednesday of this week for an April 22 surgery date! So, I started this morning. Yesterday I had NOTHING for the diet at home and was not prepared so I just started today. It's been a rough day but I'm still keepin' on. I get to have another drink in 20 minutes.. not that I'm counting. ;) Sugar-free jello is also brewing in the fridge... I can't wait to actually chew something even though it's not really chewable ;) haha, it was even exciting to chew my vitamins!!!

The upside to all this is that my surgery is 6 days sooner and they inadvertently cut 3 days off my liquid diet by doing this last minute switch. YAY to them both!

I'll probably be back tomorrow to update on the diet... I'm going to need some support on this one! :)


  1. I could have popsicles on the clear liquid diet which was great bc it felt like I was chewing. Another great perk of this horrible part is great weight loss...just dont get used to it :)

  2. I can have popsicles! 1 or 2 a day.. I'm saving it for later. I think when I'm sitting around at night watching tv I'll need something like that. :)

    I'm hungry.

  3. Good luck with everything! Meant to be that it is an earlier date... things happen for a reason!