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Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm banded!

Well, I've done it. I came home around 8 pm on Wednesday, the day of my surgery. They told me that was a record for them so it would appear, from what I've read, that they are rather conservative about sending people home the same day.

I'll be the first to admit... recovery hasn't been as simple as I thought it would be. All the stories I had read I assumed I'd be starving and pain free by the time I came home. Ok, not exactly but something close! Yesterday was rough. I stayed on top of my pain meds which made me essentially asleep the entire day. Then in the middle of the night I'd be wide awake. The gas was horrible. I felt it in my neck and my stomach was bubbling like crazy and nothing was coming OUT! OUCH! I could only manage to get one meal in yesterday, breakfast. I tried a few different protein drinks too but nothing was palateable enough to me. I'm going to have to continue to shop for protein powders. I'm thinking something unflavored and basically something you don't notice. Something I can add to my food or just to my regular beverage and not have it be chalky or chunky. Am I dreaming? Any recommendations?

Today's going better. Gas is moving OUT finally and all systems are a go, if you know what I mean. I've had two meals now, breakfast & lunch, and keeping up with the water in between. I'm having a much easier time getting up and my husband is back at work today. I've not been naseous but for once today when I got overly hungry. Yesterday I felt like I was battling the urge to throw up almost all day.

Anyways, I'm alive :) I think the weekend will be just what I need to feel more like myself. Not sure when my kiddo is coming home but I can imagine she's gonna want to snuggle a bunch and it's going to be hard.


  1. Okay dokey. I assume for gas you are using the disposable Gas-X strips? I took 2 a day, twice a day for about a week....and I walked a lot. That gas is a nasty girl. Protein shakes...I dont like the powder. I drink either Atkins or Slim Fast has a protein shake out. In atkins I like strawberry the best, and then chocolate. In SlimFast I like Vanilla.
    My furry kids didnt understand why they couldnt lay on my belly for a week or so.
    Drink your water. eat your jello. I love SF popsicles bc it felt like I was eating something.
    I can't think of anything else at the moment, but let me know if you think of anything else--amy

  2. oh yeah...

    Most importantly...

    YEAH! You are banded! :)

  3. OH, and if you havent done so already...measure yourself. I didnt think of this in the beginning and I wish I had!

  4. congrats girl, and welcome to the club!

  5. Okay, I am going to try the subscribe thing....lets see if this works.

  6. I tried it on the post where I explained it to you and it worked.. got an email about my second reply, haha! :)

  7. Yeah! Thank you so much! Now I really feel like a dumb dumb bc I emailed google the other day about needing a feature like this. Wait...I think they just added this bc I told them sooooo! That must be it :)

  8. Gotta be... you're simply too genius for google!