Rockin' it Out!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New, Old Hair

I got my hair done this evening! It's new for the moment but it's basically my natural hair color. There's a hint of red in there too which I enjoy.. it's all one color now, no highlights. It's new, fun, makes me feel sorta sassy for the time being.. almost! ;)

So anyways, that's me.. Tiffani!

Figured it was about time to post a bit more about myself....

I'm 26 years old. I'm married to Chris and we have a 4 year old daughter, Cadence. Chris and I have been together for 5 years and married for 3.5 years. We had our daughter in the VERY early stages of marriage and things haven't always been perfect but what relationship is. He's good to me and Cadence and that's what matters most. He's very supportive of the lap band and I, honestly, hope it helps him lose some weight too. With me cooking meals he'll be forced to eat what I cook or fend for himself. I know him.. he'll eat what I cook. ;)

Cadence is my princess. I don't want to sound corny but this girl adores me. The look she gets on her face when I smile at her would convince anyone. I adore her just as much (usually more with her 4 y/o attitude!) and she really lights up my life. She's a snuggler and would sit on my lap all night if I let that girl. I know the surgery will help her health in the long run too. We'll be able to teach her portion sizes and eating habits earlier in life.

I've never been thin... NEVER. If you want to count the time in my childhood.. like sayyyy 4/5 y/o, then yes.. I was thin.. but I don't think that counts. I'm not looking to be thin, of course. I'm in this for a few health problems I have. I have goal weights in my head but am sort of afraid to voice them because I have issues with failing. I'm planning to address those issues now and after surgery, don't you fret! ;)

As for me and what I do - I am an optometric assistant. I work for two doctors in a private practice. I help people pick out frames and help them choose what options they want and need on their lenses. I train new contact lens wearers and also am in charge of a couple large insurances -- making sure claims are filed properly and entering and reconciling checks from those insurances. I also answer the phones when needed to help make appts, order contacts, etc. I can basically do it all there... what can I say? I'm all kinds of awesome, I know.

;) The air is thick enough for the evening... I'll leave you with that!


  1. Thanks for the pic! Love the hair. Its exciting as we go through this journey bc its like a new hair cut represents the new us...or something deep like that!

  2. It's def a cute cut!! I agree with Amy... I'm planning on getting my colour done on Thursday and I feel like it's just a new step towards the new me!