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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Labs/ECG/Chest Xray/Nutrition Class

Whew, what a busy appt! I worked til 2 and then headed over the the clinic (about 20 minutes away). I was a bit early for the suggested 2:30 arrival time and they rocked it out and got me back super quick too.

I had my chest xray first. They had me change into a gown, open to the front - eep!, and then press my chest against this cold air hockey table-looking thing. Oh, let me not forget to mention the "nipple markers!" I had to put special tape thingies over each nipple so when they view the xrays they don't see my nipples as a tumor or something.. fascinating! After hugging the air hockey table I had to stand sideways while some cute young girl adjusted my hips properly and draped my arms over a bar with another gal showing me how to do it. I warned her that I might just flash her, accidentally of course! She reassured me that she sees these "types of things" every day. HAHA!

They looked at the images and determined that I didn't take a full deep breath on the first xray (I concurred - I felt that way when I heard the click). I retook the first image (hugging the air hockey table again!) and felt much better about things.

Then I gathered my clothes and things and walked down the back hallway to a recliner chair where she had me lay rather far back on. My gown was half open but I didn't really care at this point. She pulled up my pants legs and slapped stickers on each lower leg. Then she put one on each upper arm and then six surrounding my heart. The heart part meant she had to.. umm.. maneuver my left breast and that was a bit awkward to say the least.

She attached the wires to each sticker which meant more maneuvering (!!!!) and then she rubbed my arm and said to relax... which made me think "WTF!?" Then I tried to chill out and it was over. I was totally expecting something awful but I think she was just trying to get a read of my heart at some sort of relaxed state and she figured I was a bit up in arms... CORRECT!

So then I got dressed and they went and told the lab that I was ready again. The lab buzzer had gone off almost as soon as I was hugging the hockey table so they had to tell them why I was ignoring their call. The lab tech got my vein in one stab (go her!) and drew the blood she needed for all 20-some tests or so. I asked at the end how many vials there was and she said, "Seven!" She went on to explain that while it looked and sounded like a lot it was actually miniscule in comparison to what people give in blood donations - a pint is 100 vials of blood. That part actually made me feel a bit embarrassed!! I've never given blood and this solidifies that I probably shouldn't. ;)

So then I head upstairs and step off the elevator and greet a friend who happened to be waiting to go down. Had a good chat with her and her kiddos and then went and checked in for my visit.. 15 minutes early.

I got a binder full of information and learned all about the diet after band and then the LAST page of the info (note: ONE PAGE) was the info on the dreaded pre-op diet. I expected the entire session to be about that but it only took up about 5 minutes of the talk.

Essentially this is my diet starting Tuesday until after the surgery is over:

5 packets of Carnation Instant Breakfast mixed with 2% milk (1 cup) - so 5 cups each day
16 oz of fruit juice


3 regular slim fasts
2 low carb slim fasts
8 oz fruit juice

In addition to one of these diets each day (can alternate between the two but not mix the two) I can have 48-60 oz of liquids in all sorts of forms... 2 cups of broth, water, diet v8 splash, crystal light, sugar free jello (from a box), sugar free popsicles (1-2 a day), diet snapple and some others I'm probably forgetting.

So from what I've read I think I have a pretty strict diet to follow compared to some others' but I know I'll be so proud of myself if I finish (WHEN I finish) and the final product will be my goal - a band!

I have my pre-op/surgeon visit on Monday and another nutrition class on Wednesday that she wants me to keep so looks like she'll get to see me in full cranky glory on day 2 of liquid diet. She's aware and is expecting it though.

Back with more soon! :)

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  1. Good luck! My experience - the first 2-3 days of the liquid diet SUCK. After that it becomes a lot easier. So be patient - the payoff is awesome!