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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fast Food

Well, yesterday the thought of eating one more serving of pureed food had me not so hungry so I sent the hubby to Culver's (is that all over? basically a fast food burger joint - a step up from McD's) and he brought me back cheesy cauliflower soup and mashed potatoes with gravy. Something about eating food someone else cooked made things soooo much better! The soup had a few tiny chunks in it but, seriously, when they hit my mouth they melted immediately or I would have whizzed them up. That satisfied me for the rest of the night then! :)

Did I mention my breakfasts? I have a smoothie every day for breakfast. The reason for it is this gigantic pill I have to take for my diabetes. I have to crush it up and I've found that only smoothies mask the flavor AT ALL. So, three ice cubes, one banana, 5 strawberries, one giant pill crushed up and I've got myself some breakfast! :) Love it!

Last night we took Cadence to The Little Gym where they were having Parents' Survival Night. You drop your kid off from 6:15-9:45 and you can go do whatever. We take her almost every time (first and third Friday of each month) so we can have date nights. It's reasonably priced considering we'd pay a babysitter more than that.

Anyways... we dropped her off and went to Target and did some kid-free shopping/browsing. I'm co-throwing a baby shower for my co-worker (and good friend) at the end of the month so I shopped for decorations (no dice) and then just browsed. I got C some new books since I felt like we were reading her the same bedtime stories every night. What kid has too many books anyways?!

From there, we went to the movies! We saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and it was really good! The movie had me laughing a lot BUT the girls behind us (adults) were laughing really loud constantly that it was pretty irritating. There was also a single old man in the seat in front of me. At one part when the main guy is pouring his heart out the old man BURST out laughing and the entire theater LOL'd at him! It was terrific. Totally inappropriate timing by the old man but HILARIOUS for the rest of us. It was almost as if he were staged in the theater to make us laugh or something. Perfect.

Today we're just relaxing. Cadence has this ferocious cough going on today so we're sorta babying that in hopes no one gets that. I'm FINALLY feeling like *I* can cough without it hurting but I'd rather not test my luck and get a cold!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

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  1. HI!! Thanks for the comment thats really sweet!! How old is your daughter?? I have a little girl named Seylena that is 3 will be 4 in July. It IS wonderful to see someone close to my age I was thinking the same think on LBT about the 40+ older folks. I wish we had a parent survival night here that would be wonderful lol...

    I also look forward to getting to know you as well!