Rockin' it Out!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The long weekend!

This is my sweet girl after being attacked by a chocolate ice cream cone! ;)
A cute self-portrait of the hubby and me. I'm not sure I've posted any pics of him yet but here he is! :)
This is the face I gave Cadence when she walked around our circle and took a picture of each person. I just gotta be a goof. Check out the sunburn on my right shoulder, yup, it hurts.
And this was the picture I took of Cadence after she took her pictures of each person in our group. She's such a sweetie!!

So those are the pictures minus about 100 from the weekend. We were at Brat Fest in these pics and had a great time with a bunch of family. I ate one brat, minus the bun, with kraut and ketchup and followed it up with some super naughty Chocolate Shoppe "Mint Avalanche" ice cream.

I spent all of Monday nursing my sunburns. I must admit, I'm an idiot. I wanted "color" and put sunscreen on my daughter and NONE on me. I know.. idiot. Won't be doing it again, no worries. I'm still nursing my sunburns today.. they're pretty painful. I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow.

I went in for my second fill this afternoon. It was pretty much in and out with one major SHOCKER. Between last Monday and today I managed to lose SEVEN POUNDS on their scales. The nurse was like, "are you sure you don't feel restriction!?" LOL I told her she was free to send me home based on weight loss alone but that I felt NO different from before my first fill. The NP came in and gasped at my seven lbs too but said she didn't blame me for coming back seeing as I have no restriction at all. She decided to double me on fluid in my band today. I am now the proud owner of 6 ccs of fluid in there!!! WOW!!! I'm excited about it :)

Can I also mention that it was SUCH an easy fill too!? Thank GOD! I think I got a little hyper about it for no reason... just based on last time. This time instead of doing a half-crunch, I lifted my feet off the table to tighten my abs and BOY was that the world of difference, according to NP! So awesome. She basically went in and out, maybe 30-45 seconds! So nice!! Can you tell I was pleased?! LOL

I managed to grocery shop STARVING tonight.. that was horrible. I came home and made fish sticks, asparagus (soooo yummy from the farmer's market), and mashed potatoes. Well would you get a load of what I ate?! I had 4 fish sticks, 3 asparagus stalks, and probably 1/8 cup of taters. HOLY HELL! Who shrunk my stomach in an afternoon!?!??! Oh yeah, that'd be the NP, hehehe. I know I'm just on the same day of a fill but it was so nice to go from starving to FULL in that small amount of food. I'm still satisfied and I'm looking forward to my liquids in 35 minutes, lol. I've been separating my liquids from my meals by 90 minutes now and it's sometimes torture with how thirsty I get.

Let's see. Last thing I want to touch base on is possible reasons for all the weight loss last week. I think first of all, I lost next to nothing the week before. I track my weight loss on an excel spread sheet daily so I can see what I've lost quite easily. Also, I walked SO much over the weekend!!! I went to the farmer's market on Saturday and walked the entire square with my preggo buddy. Then on Sunday I walked a TON to and from Brat Fest. So there were two things that are definitely NOT in my normal activity level. Not a ton but a change anyways.

OK I lied.. last thing. I now weigh less than my driver's license says I weigh! The good thing about that is that I was LYING when I first got that puppy!! My license expires this year on my birthday (of course) which is 09/09/09. Fun stuff, I know. ;) I'll wait it out and see where I am then and put the new weight on the new license. I'm excited about that though!!!

OK enough rambling. If you read all the way through you deserve a gold star!


  1. I know what you mean about losing without any restriction. Every time I would go in for my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fill...I had lost a good amount of weight. I wanted to tell the doc it was bc I was trying to be such a good girl with what I ate and working out....I was doing it for the band at that point...even though the damn thing wasnt' doing much for me! It was will power that first month that pushed my weight loss.
    I am glad you are feeling something now. Loved the pics! Tracey would haved loved the brats!

  2. your doing great! My dr wont let me come back when I want until after the 3rd fill if I still dont feel any restriction. they want me to wait 6 weeks in between each fill for the 1st 3, I got 4.5 on the 1st one and the next one is on July 1st.

    I totally got sunburnt BAD this weekend as well. My daughter was fine I sprayed her all up but said I need to get some sun and we went out to the beach on Sunday and Monday and I look like a Lobster now.

  3. p.s. your Daughter is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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