Rockin' it Out!

Friday, May 22, 2009


I couldn't let the day go on without mentioning that today is my one-month surgiversary! :) I'm holding steady (well... a half pound up or down each day) at about 20 lbs still but have my second fill next Tuesday so I'm hoping that will help. I'm going to see about getting this show on the road!!!

Anyways, we have The World's Largest Brat Fest all this weekend and we plan to frequent that. It's a lot of fun and for $1.50/brat it's a cheap activity! I'll eat mine sans bun and with ketchup and kraut! I'm excited!!

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend if you are in the states!! I know I plan to!!


  1. congrats on your 1month! 20 pounds is such a nice solid number and its when I started to feel was like the first big stepping stone!

  2. Hi Tiffany,

    LOL I have had your blog on my sidebar for ages and have been keeping up with your shenanigans too! Thanks for dropping by and commenting on mine :)
    20 pounds is an awesome loss (I have to keep converting to kg's lol cos we use that here) Keep up the fantastic work... and can't wait to be where you are at soon
    Cara x