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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Update on the weekend and eating

First of all MARY (of the lap band variety) I can't comment on your blog! :( I click post comment and it just scrolls me to a different part of the page but there's nothing there! ACK!

OK so my weekend. We have a FABULOUS farmer's market in Madison and I have never been to it! I made the decision that today was the day and get this... Chris said he didn't feel like it at the last minute! WTF, dude?! Ugh. We do have a lot of produce at the moment so I guess I'll be pushing to go in a couple weeks (I work next Saturday). UGH again!

Then we picked up and went to a surprise 30th bday party for Chris' cousin. That was my first surprise party that I've ever been to! It was a good time visiting family and there were plenty of kids Cadence's age to play with. We hung out there longer than we would have since Cadence was enjoying herself so much.

Tomorrow morning we're going to a Mother's Day brunch with Chris' sister and her family and his brother. After that we have to go to Cadence's dance recital! :) This will be her third recital and hopefully the first one where she's danced ;) LOL. Let me see if I can put an adorable picture of her in here.....
Not the best picture but this is her at her very first dance recital. This was before she donated 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love - so over a year old now.

I hope she actually dances tomorrow... she's promised she will but that means nothing. ;)

So that'll be my day tomorrow. I always take a picture of me and my girl on M-Day so I will be sure to do that and post tomorrow (or soon after). :)

OH and big news... I'm down 19 lbs since April 11 (when I started the pre-op diet) as of this morning! I have 2 days to make it to one month and I *HOPE* I can make it to 20 lbs by then but I've been a slow, steady loser as of late. Oh and with the aforementioned brunch tomorrow... ugh. Good choices, good choices!

Happy Mother's Day to the Mommies out there!!


  1. THat is an awesome number for your weight loss! And she is sooo cute! I danced from the time I was about 3 and getting me to dance was never the was getting me to STOP and actually leave the stage....ah...some things never change!

  2. I Dont Know why you cant comment!!!! Your daughter is absolutly gonna look and see why you cant comment on my blog...

  3. ughhhhhhhhh!!! I cant make any comments on any of my blogs now!! what is going on!?!?!?!?

  4. okey dokey....Its pops up now!