Rockin' it Out!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I need MORE!!!

Even though my first fill was a wee bit traumatic I'm already itching for another. I have still noticed NO difference and so I called and scheduled another. Our clinic has you "go easy" the day of the fill and then onto solids the very next day. That's what I've done and have had chicken a few times this week and once or twice I swallowed too soon or too fast and noticed something but I had that BEFORE my fill too.

Anyways, long story short... I have my second fill next Tuesday at 3:15. I'll have to leave work mid-day to get it but I'll just take my lunch then or something (I work til 8 on Tuesdays). I'm really looking forward to it, of course. I'm feeling a bit ripped off and really want to feel *something* and since I'm self-pay I also want to get the most out of my year of coverage. I'm going to bring that up and see if they might let me come back every couple of weeks instead of the standard 4-6.

Tonight we had a work baby shower for my co-worker. The bosses treated us to dinner at a restaurant and we had this little back room to ourselves to play games, open gifts, etc. Our high school co-op employee is graduating as well so we gave her her gifts too. It was a good time. I ate rather light compared to what I know I could have in the past.

For now, as my weight holds pretty steady, I'm focusing on NSV's (non-scale victories) and trying to stay positive. My clothes fit better, I don't pee nearly as much as I used to yet I'm drinking more. I don't get up to pee in the middle of the night EVER when it used to be a once a night activity, religiously. People are complimenting me!!! This is a big deal.. I don't necessarily take them well, inwardly, but I probably appear to on the outside. I'm definitely not used to this attention! On Tuesday, a mom at my daughter's Kindermusik class mentioned she could see it in my face. Then at work a co-worker said she could really see it in my face that same day! I had my hair partially pulled back... perhaps I'll wear it back forever now! :D

Alright... enough for now. I'll think of more NSV's for some other posts. :)


  1. Isn't not peeing in the middle of the night heaven? That is a huge NSV I've noticed, although last night not so much (bad cold - coughing kept waking me up)... Enjoy the compliments - they can be hard, but you deserve them!

  2. You go girl! You get your fills! Once you get restriction though, 4-6 weeks will be enough! Once I got the fill that had me at restriction I didnt need to go back for about 5 weeks! you will get there! And its so nice :)

  3. thats great Tiffani!!! Oh and I did need the Litacane...I didnt feel a thing and I didnt want it to be tramatic for me, he had to jab around alot because he had trouble getting the needle into my port. lol...

    Anywho, 20lbs is awesome in a month!!! are you exersizing yet? that is whats doing it for me, plus I drink water and only water so i get like 128oz of water a day and that helps aloooot too...

    well your doing great and Im going to post on some of my NSV's on mine soon.

  4. No I didnt think you were being that way I know that you were kidding...I am a Wimp tho...I didnt want to even see the needle so he made it very painless for me. all i felt was pressure and very little of that.

    Dont ever think that Im taking something wrong because I dont. Im a very open person, I like kidding around too.