Rockin' it Out!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weight loss, Insurance woes, & the weekend

Lots to talk about this fine Monday morning. I'll start with the topic everyone wants to hear about: weight loss!

I step on the scale every morning. I'm still losing a little each day and my digital scale reads to the tenth of a pound so I still see great progress each day even if it's .2 lbs! This morning I dipped below 230 and am 229.8! Do you KNOW how great that felt!? Why, yes.. yes you probably do! I'm in a weight territory that I haven't been EVER as far as I know! I know I passed it up at one point in my life but I have NEVER seen these numbers on the scale. Growing up we didn't have a scale at home, nor did we in college. I didn't weigh myself until I was ohhhh 20, 21? Something like that. I knew from VERY periodic doctors visits that I was 250ish during high school. One summer I visited my grandpa in NC and he made me weigh myself and I was 180 but guess what... that was the summer before SIXTH grade! :(

Insurance woes is referring to the fact that I got my EOBs via email this morning and I looked them over. There were about 5 claims filed for various tests for my WLS! I am a self-pay person and they plan on charging me co-pays and other random fees for these tests because my insurance covered some of them! Nooooo sir, I will not be paying a cent more! I paid $18,888 and that was ALL INCLUSIVE for a year following surgery! BAH. I have a call in to get it straightened out before they start hounding me for money I already paid!!! ACK. I'm irritated by this SO MUCH!

The weekend was good! Friday we went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past as I said in a previous post. Saturday Chris decided he needed to escape the girls in his house and he went to the casino to gamble a bit. This is his weakness. We've been to Las Vegas 3 times for vacations. When he came home we hung out for a while and then went out for a walk around the neighborhood. We have pretty huge blocks and by the time we made it around one block my stomach felt tight so I called it good there. Sunday I lazed around for a while in bed. We went to see the movie Earth with Cadence. We thought she'd like the animals in it but she was very bored. Oh well. Came home and ate some dinner, cleaned up the house, did dishes, etc. Boring, typical Sunday.

I emailed my nutritionist a big long message full of questions and she wrote me back with a two sentance answer. *Sigh* I can appreciate that I'm not her only patient and all but at least answer all my questions!? She did however tell me I can start soft foods ON Wednesday! I wasn't sure if I needed to do purees THROUGH Wednesday so I wanted to clarify. YAY food.. I can almost SMELL it!! Sweet lord I'm excited :D


  1. Wonderful post! Congrats on being in uncharted territory. Did you like Earth or did you think it was boring too? My mom is coming into town so we are going to go see Girlfriends too! I love chick flicks and good ol Matty! yes I worry about my band when I throw up. Not so much slipping, bc my doc does a good job of stitching around my band to help prevent that, but I worry about irritating my stomach and causing it to become inflamed. I have read on LBT that several people did this and it got so swollen it started to lap over the band or grow around it. Not cool. I am thinking about calling my doc and putting off my next fill for a week or two. We will see.

  2. I did like Earth! My unruly child made it a little less enjoyable but it was very well done and good!

    Thanks for your thoughts on throwing up.. good to know. It just seems like some people are like "ohhh I threw up" and I'm like OMG OMG they threw up! LOL

  3. I love that when loosing weight every 10lbs calls for another celebration! It's such a good motivator!