Rockin' it Out!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bring on the FOOD!!! (2 week post-op visit)

Went to my appt at 1 pm today, left by 2 pm. I saw the nutritionist first and she basically wanted to know what I was eating for each meal and each snack and she added the protein as she went and it wasn't pretty folks ;) I'm getting about 30 grams of protein in these days. She reminded me that my weight loss is going to stall unless I get more protein in and I assured her that as soon as I could eat more food I'd be getting plenty more protein in and that I'm still on the hunt for that perfect protein drink.

Diane gave me permission to start soft foods today, NOW! Then in 4-5 days I can start on a "regular" diet. Obviously by "regular" I mean eating healthfully and making smart choices. It was a darn good day for me when I heard "go ahead and start on soft foods today!" OMG! I think my stomach growled immediately. ;) She gave me some more papers; things I can read at home basically.

After her I saw the nurse practioner. At our clinic you see this NP for every fill and check up. However, she's moving to Boston in June so while they train the new NP we'll get fills from the surgeons (team of two of them). So she checked out my incisions - I joked that I was going to flash her! All looks well but my port incision is a little red but nothing out of the ordinary from what I've noticed. I told her as much and she calmed down a bit. She told me I can start swallowing all my pills whole and I can stop taking the Prilosec which was apparently given to me in error (grrr). They said they used to routinely prescribe it but do not anymore and she needed to talk to someone about that so that could change. So that means I'm down to three pills from ELEVEN! Damn. Considering one of those is a birth control pill (BCP) that is pretty damn awesome!!! WOW!

I asked her about missing my period the week after surgery. She said my body is probably just in shock from losing weight and the surgery. It will probably be back tomorow. She suggested a pregnancy test just for peace of mind but that isn't my concern. If I'm pregnant I'm pregnant, know what I mean? I'm preventing but if I am I'm not going to terminate or anything. I know I'm not though. Certain things need to happen for that to occur! ;)

I also asked her about activity and exercise. She said I can resume pretty normal activity and if start slow. If it hurts, back off. I'm ok with that! :) I'm excited to get back to the gym and get some more weight off with the help of some movement!!!!!

I feel like I'm rambling now but I'm SO EXCITED!

I know I won't get much from that first fill but I'm excited to get the process rolling and started. My clinic only does fills I believe 4 weeks apart. So there will be no calling the next day if I don't have restriction... phooey! I'll deal! :)



  1. WOW. Lucky!! lol I will be 6 weeks post-op this Monday and will JUST be able to start solid foods...Im so hungry Its killin me. But i dont know if you like tuna or chicken but thats how I have been getting alot of my protien while ive been on mushies/soft foods this past week. OH and didnt you say that you didnt like your Protien shake, I drink "Muscle Milk" it has 20 grams of protien in it for 1 scoop and it tastes JUST like chocolate milk and its the only one ive found that i like. anyways I hope ive helped some...and congrats on getting to eat food!!!yay!


  2. mary-I cant believe you have to wait 6 weeks for solids. That is nuts because at 6 weeks i got my first fill and he gauged how much to put in my knowing how much solid food I could eat.

    Tiffani-sweet lord that was a good day when I could move from liquids to mushies! Enjoy the yummyness. The first time I could have some refried beans was like heaven.

    I am not supposed to swallow pills ever again. Those were my instructions. When I go in next time I am going to ask if i can bc I hate chewing my vitamins!

  3. I was told to not to ever swallow pills ever again, But Amy and I are in the same city and practically the same Doctor. lol

    And yes my doctor makes me do 2weeks clear liquids 2weeks full liquids then 2 weeks mushies...My doctor is a crazy

  4. Our docs also gauge how much of a fill you get based on how much real food you're eating. Good to know they're doing the same thing as SOMEONE! LOL

    They told me if I can swallow chicken then I can swallow my pills! I'm excited to give it a try! She also said another 20lbs and I'll probably be off that last pill anyways!!!!! Wahoo! :)

  5. Congrats Tiffani! Enjoy... I was SO happy to get to that day! :-)

  6. Congrats Tiffani! Last night I picked up some of the split pea soup that was my first mushy food and the taste brought back such memories of two months ago. Keep strong and positive, you're doing so great!