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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

UW Bariatric Clinic redeems themselves!

I got a call back today but managed to miss it regarding my insurances woes. I called the person I was supposed to call and left yet another message explaining the situation. We'll see if they straighten it out.

Then I called Dawn, the program coordinator at the clinic. She had been AWESOME through this whole journey. I asked her if she could schedule me for my first fill since I don't have one and want to get it on the books before the end of the month fills up (haha, no pun intended). She was going to make it for 2 weeks AFTER my 2 week post op which is May 11 since I was originally scheduled for surgery on 4/28. Well, I explained I wanted the fill before the holiday because I am HUNGRY and don't trust myself. SO, what's she do? She makes my 2 wk post op visit for TODAY!!! Then she made my fill appt for May 18. OMG SO EXCITED! I quick IM'd the hubby (he's at work) and told him how excited I was "to get a big needle stuck in my gut" and do you know what this sweet man's response was???? "But it's soooo much more than that!" *Sigh* I just love him for GETTING this! He is so wonderfully supportive and awesome. So I'm happy with the clinic again and hopefully they'll get my insurance situation straight and then I'll really love them again!!! Happy day!

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  1. Ooh goody! Let us know how your doc appt goes. You may not feel much restriction after your first fill. It took me 3 fills to feel something but I kept calling my doc and getting in for an appt until I had restriction, and my doc is wonderful so he did it! I saw him 3 times in 4 weeks.