Rockin' it Out!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Overdue, just an update

Hellloooooo my lady friends (and any stray males out there)!  I'm feeling tons better today, rarely even coughing but it's still hanging on for dear life in there!  I still sound hoarse sometimes but it's definitely going away.  Ya know what?  Good riddance!

I've been to the gym Monday and today and plan to go tomorrow and Thursday instead of Friday.  The hubby has an early morning meeting so I would have to skip so instead of skipping (which is mighty appealing - to get to sleep in an extra day!) I swapped days.  Good Tiffani!  Today I walked/ran 1.24 miles which is .01 less than last week.  My trainer makes up the program that I run each time though so I'm not worried about it.  I sweat a bit less than last time which is a good thing I guess... means I'm getting used to it.  My trainer told me a couple times how "fit" I'm getting.  She mentioned she was getting sweaty at one point and took off her fleece sweatshirt she was wearing, lol.

A few things I wanted to address.  A couple posts ago I shared a wedding picture and you all thought I looked super young!!!!  What the heck, that totally goes against my thinking that I look younger now!!! LOL  Let's see if I can dig up a different wedding photo to share here... nope, none on this computer apparently.

I got a new bra!  I sucked it up and walked into Victoria's Secret and grabbed they're largest size, 40DD, and it fit... sorta.  I have to tuck the girls in just so but I figure with a good amount of time I will fit in it just fine!  It's a biofit bra, in case anyone wondered and I love it.  I love that it's got tiny straps and that my girls still sit where they need to.  Also it makes me look skinnier, lol... take a look at the side by sides of my girls, fun fun, I know.

top pic is old bra, bottom is new :)

Last thing I wanted to address was my skinny leg issue... wtf.  Why are my LEGS so much thinner than the rest of me.  It's like I lose in my legs and no where else, lol.  I'm not "complaining" but I'm complaining. :D  Here is a picture that Chris accidentally took of my legs when he was snapping a picture of the kitties when I was posing for the above pics (which also double as my 5mos pics but I didn't give them their own post because I'm not uber-thrilled about my progress).

The rug is not always askew... I move it for pictures, lol.

I've gotta head off to work in about 20 minutes and I'm not dressed for work so I better go find something to wear and head out.  Hope you're all having a good week so far!!


  1. I love the VS Biofit bras too. Great side by side pics of the girls. Sadly, there is much more space in the cups of my own 40D these days.

    And something that will never come out of my mouth, "its like I lose in my legs and no where else." LOL, good for you! Skinny legs look great in jeans! You are looking great!

  2. You can see what a good "lift" the bra gives in the two pictures. I'm interested to know how you like it after wearing it a few times. I don't do VS, the prices are crazy to me (I can't help it, I'm a bargain shopper). But if it's a really good one I might be willing to splurge. Let us know.

  3. You look really really good!!
    I can't wait to buy a bra at VS!!

  4. ooh look at the difference in those two bras.. like night and day.. you might have just inpired me to head out and get a newbi too. :) ta

  5. You know I have to agree with Robyn, I never thought I would go into VS for anything expet naughty lingerie but that bra might make me want to stroll in.
    And Tiff better in the legs than losing the girls...I just wish my tummy would shrink as fast as my girls wonder my bras are fitting that much better LOL !!

    Feel better !!

  6. Thanks so much girls!!! I am grateful to lose PERIOD, don't get me wrong please but MAN how bout in the GUT!!??

    I was/am VERY pleased with this bra!! I had to tighten the shoulder straps already because it slipped and started sliding off my shoulder but that's gonna happen. I would definitely recommend this bra though! I have always had to buy pricey bras due to the size of my girls so actually this bra was cheap at about $45!! Sad, I know. I've worn it every day since I bought it *bag over head* I need to buy some handwashing soap so I can wash it. That's about the only downfall... hand wash only.

    Honestly it was just a victory to be able to wear something from that store!! :)

  7. It is a victory indeed. Buying a bra that fits from there is on my to do list and hopefully not too far in the future.

  8. Tiffani, try shampoo to wash it. Its usually quite gentle, and closer to the ph balance, rather than detergents which are usually quite alkaline.