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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Clothing sizes

I always love when someone asks me a question in my comments area because then I have a topic to blog about!

I am currently wearing XL tops and size 18 jeans.  I feel like I might be in the XL tops for a while but the 18's might be going away rather quickly.  I think it's true whoever said the first few sizes drop really slowly but then they go quickly after that.  I am down from a size 24 jeans (26 at my highest weight) and a 2-3x top.  Yikes!  That's pretty decent, I think! :)  Sometimes I pass myself in a mirror and feel pretty thin and other times not so much.  I definitely carry most of my weight in my belly still so that makes me a bit self-conscious about that but I deal. 

I know better not to compare to other people but it is really frustrating to read about all the other bloggers/banders that are wearing smaller clothing than I am but weigh more.  I get the body size thing but MAN that makes me  jealous, lol.  I've always had to wear bigger sizes for my belly.  I have small legs for a plus-sizer though, always have.  My thighs are pretty normal looking when you compare them and maybe even on the thin side.  I think I might have a picture to demonstrate...
Just small stems on this body!
I'm going to make a new post soon with some before pictures I found on Facebook and some other places.  Blech.


  1. I'm with you on hearing about other bandsters sizes... I SO want to be fitting into a size 16 bottom! My top is down to that, and lower in some cases, but my ass and thighs are holding on for dear life!

  2. I have always had big legs from top to bottom. Be greatful cause as the top continues to shrink you are just gonna get hotter and hotter. Way to go!

  3. Pear here. I don't even wear jeans -- at all -- because my thighs and hips are such a problem and I just look so much better in skirts or dresses. My dream is to look halfway decent in jeans! Being short (5' 4") does not help either.

    Lucky you, you can wear not only jeans but shorts! No way would I whip out these thighs (or knees even!) in public.

    Keep up the good work!!!!

  4. Thanks girls... I need the encouragement! :)

    I don't know what you call my shape, Gen.. any suggestions LOL. I have sort of a reverse pear I suppose but my boobs are shrinking so then what? Reverse hour glass with the middle being the big and bottom and top being ok? BAH, I give up! :)

  5. Apple!! You're an apple like me (big boobs and tummy - smaller shoulders and legs... has both it's goods and bads lol!)
    I also carry the weight around my stomach.. but slowly it's also coming off. So will yours. I'm currently wearing size 16 jeans and 16 in tops (don't know about dresses, haven't tried one on yet.. its winter here on the opposite side to you :)

  6. Tiffani- I think you are doing great! Keep up the good work. If you have any size 24 jeans or 22/24 tops you don't need feel free to send them my way. I'll buy them if you'd rather.

  7. HAHA ! 5'4 here as well so I TOTALLY get it !! Im finally comfortable in my 18's (YAY!!) IF anyone has any 18's and wants to send them my way I'd love them !! I also have 20's tops & bottoms if anyone needs !!