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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

eta - the cake my SIL made for me!
We had a relatively quiet weekend!  We went to my brother's house on Saturday and my sister and her family went there as well.  We had a mini birthday party for me by having a cookout and my sister-in-law made a fabulous cake!  Chris took a picture on his phone but he's at work with his phone and he hasn't uploaded it anywhere so I'll share when I can.  We stayed the night at my bro's house and woke up and went to Golden Corral for brunch.  It's a buffet but I had one round of food and didn't finish it all, then went back for a small salad and couldn't finish.  I can't manage to get over my fat-girl status at buffets.  I usually go there STARVING first of all.  So I'm famished and my eyes wind up being way bigger than my stomach.  It's ok but I always feel bad wasting so much food.

From there we drove back home and showered and what not.  Then my brother came to MY house and the hubby and him fixed up a bunch of things around our house.  My hubby is NOT very handy or Mr. Fix-it.  He's just not.  My brother on the other hand is.  So we utilize him whenever we need things done and he gets it done efficiently and always does a good job.  Then my bro stayed the night at our house (with his family).  My SIL made dinner, with me helping in the background, and it was delicious.  It was chicken  breasts stuffed with feta and basil and grilled.  For a side we had cheesy potatoes (leftover from the cookout) and green beans with bacon.  I didn't say she made a healthy dinner but she made dinner.  I couldn't eat all my chicken breast but I finished the beans and taters that I took.  We have plenty of chicken and fixings left so we have dinner for another night or so.

Monday... my brother and family head out for home and off my family went to Red Lobster for lunch with Chris' family for my birthday.  It's sort of a tradition that we get together for some meal and cake for each person's birthday.  Since my birthday is on Wednesday we did it a wee bit early.  I was given several Christmas ornaments and decorations since my FIL remembered me mentioning a while back that I don't have much for decorations... great idea!  He also gave me some moolah, yay!  SIL and BIL went together with their families and bought me a radio/cd player that goes under your kitchen cupboard to save space.  I didn't think I'd get one since the only person I told about it was Chris and no one else asked.  I guess I told the right person! ;)

Today I had to haul my kiddo and myself to the DMV to renew my license.  I went on Friday to avoid the after holiday rush but it was a furlough day at ALL DMV's in our state so they were closed.  Rats, that left me with today to go.. period.  So we waited 45 minutes in the waiting area until we were called over for a 45 second confrontation and then another 45 seconds to get my photo taken.  Another 45 seconds for my license to print and off we went.  UGH!  Waiting sucks.  It wouldn't have been bad for me alone since I brought reading material but the kiddo was all, "is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?  is that our number?"  You get the point...

Tomorrow's my birthday.  I'll be 27.. no big deal.  Nothing special.  Chris is sending me to a day spa though! :)  I'm getting an hour-long massage, a facial, a mani and a pedi.  Ahhhh, excellent! :)

Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. Happy B-Day Tiffani !! The spa day sounds divine !! Enjoy it you deserve it lady !!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day - go out and buy yourself a present!

  3. Happy Birthday! Mine was on Monday, but I turned 42....but its just a number, right?
    Enjoy the spa!

  4. Ooooh Happy Birthday Tiffani!! 27 is a great age to be. I hope you were spoilt.. and don't we all love going for massages and facials and... *shivers* yeah we do!! Enjoy

  5. Happy B Day Tiff! Enjoy your spa day. You deserve it girl.

  6. I spent the day at DMV too!!! It was horrible!! We waited like 2 hours and I had no choice but to go today as well. Glad it's over though. Glad you had a good weekend!!

  7. Happy birthday beautiful sassy girl! Soon you will catch up with me! Oh wait...maybe not.

    Hope your mani-pedi was wonderful!