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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another fill and support group

me with my bub, 9/3/05
Yikes, check that photo out.  I've been meaning to post true before pics for some time now but I kept putting it off when I'd look at the photos.  I am truly embarrassed with how I looked.  I was supposed to be at my most beautiful moment.. my wedding.  Ugh.  My kiddo says it best in the picture, "pfft!"
Yesterday I went in for another fill.  It had been 6 weeks since my last visit and I felt like I could use a small one to control my portion sizes a bit better.  I got an asshole of a doctor though.  I've had him once before and was disappointed but couldn't get in with my surgeon so I just opted to see this guy instead.  Well, I asked what would happen when I reached "full" status since I was so close and he said, "we'll reassess when we get to that point."  I told him, "I don't like that answer."  I didn't... I like details, it's just how I work.  He snorted at me and said, "well I don't know what you want me to say."  Then he proceeded to tell me that the band doesn't work for everyone and all this bullshit (pardon me, I'm still a bit burned).  I was so angry!!!  Anyways, the NP that was shadowing him gave me my fill and I asked how much I got and he said, ".5 cc."  I said, "so I'm full?"  He said, "pretty close!"  UGH!
Well, at the support group the NP sat in on our band group and she told me that the doctors DO NOT prime the band (I had been told they do) and so I technically have 2-3 ccs left from the tubing to fill.  So if you do THAT sort of math I might only have 6-7 ccs in my band.  That doesn't sound so unreasonable... 9 ccs, that sounds like a lot.  I guess I'll learn more soon.
that's me in the middle with a college roomie (left) and a friend

Doesn't my face look like it's about to explode?  I honestly feel like I look younger NOW... 7 years later.  So anyways... support group was helpful as usual but there were a lot of newbies in there too which always means less time to talk about the real issues because they have beginner questions... there needs to be a separate group for them.

Last night we went grocery shopping and  I got things to make yogurt/fruit/granola for breakfast.  Not sure what to call that... a parfait?  I had it this morning and on the yogurt container it said a CUP was a serving.  HELLO, if I put fruit and granola in that cup of yogurt I'll burst, lol.  It was delicious though.
I'll look for a few more before pictures to share with you all really soon. :)
Family photo from October 2008... a year ago.  I've come a long way :)

(ETA - I did space out my post but something is going wrong when I click post so sorry for how this reads if it doesn't fix itself.)


  1. The picture of you on your wedding day looks like you were all of 13! I kept looking at the date and trying to figure out if I was reading it wrong. I still think the family photo is a great picture!

    Sorry that the doctor was an ass! I bet you arent as full as you think you are. Maybe this restriction will help a lot though.

  2. Love the family picture swinging your daughter. Too cute! You can really see a huge difference when you look at your before pictures compared with more recent ones. I can imagine you're relieved that your band isn't full, but the dr. sounds like a jerk!

  3. I was going to say the same thing as Amy re: the wedding pic- I thought it was you with your little sister on Communion day when you were 13! LOL. You are the quintessential cute girl next door :-)

    Wow- that Dr. sounds really toxic and unhappy. Let's hope you can avoid seeing him on your next visit- he sounds like a debbie downer!

  4. You are looking good... and I agree about your wedding pic- I thought it was someone's first communion at first! :-) Keep up the good work, and hold out for the docs you like and trust.

  5. Tiffani you have come so far! I hope the fill works for you, but don't panic, there is room for more I just know it.

  6. Hi Tiffani, sorry about the asshole !! My nutrionist is one and Im dying to dump her. You're doing and looking good so keep it up !!!