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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ewww... dress fitting

I'm matron of honor for my BFF's wedding in May.  I just ordered my dress over the phone since I live in Wisconsin and BFF lives in Indiana.  I had to give the gal my measurements over the phone so she could determine what the best size would be to order.  Well... way to make my day depressing.  My bust measurement fits in the size 22 category and my waist and hips fit in the 24 category.  She asked if I wanted to go with the 22 and I couldn't bring myself to do it because WHAT IF I stay these same measurements and I don't fit?  There's no exchanging, there's not enough time for that so I went with the 24.

All I can think is that I better look damn good when they have to bring that dress in 6 sizes.

The only reason I'm mulling this over so much (because I KNOW dress sizes are weird) is because apparently the other bridesmaid wears an 18 (pants) and she fits in the size 18 dress.  How unfair is THAT?

Let's top off this already depressing post, shall we?  It's raining something fierce, I got a cold last night and I can't breathe, and when I called in to work they said so had everyone else and basically guilted me into coming into work sick.  When you compare my sickies to theirs they win since I have congestion and they have the flu.  Blech!!!

Oh, one happy bit of info.  Today is my 5 month bandiversary.

ETA - work called me back and told me not to come in, yay!


  1. You and the other bridesmaid have different body shapes. I wear a 16 in jeans and my wedding dress is a 20 and I probably should have gotten a 22 but I couldn't convince myself to do that...20 was bad enough (so I completely understand where you're coming from on thinking those days were behind you).

    Luckily it is a pretty simple dress so when tehy hae to take it in 6 sizes it'll look long as you have a good seamstress. :)

    And regardless you'll look fabulous...just not as fabulous as me...that isn't allowed. :)

  2. There's no way your measurements will be the same in May - I can't believe they're making you order your dress so early!

  3. On a shiny, happy note, the dress is pretty.

    But on a grumpy note: why can't they get measurements standardized? So annoying.

    Honestly, I don't know what size I am right now either. I'm no size. I fit into some 18's but I also fit in 16's but some 22's look great. Go figure.

    I guess you have to order the dress now, but I'm with Angie, you won't be that size come May.

    Glad you didn't have to go into work- that's just silly!

  4. Those bridesmaid dresses always run small from what I have seen. You did the right thing though because it can always be taken in so that it fits you perfectly and compliments you new beautiful body. By May you are going to be even slimmer, I just know it! Remember, it can always be taken in!

  5. The wedding is in MAY!!! And they are making you order it now? That is...hold on...I am counting...8 months away? First, why did you order a size 24 when you KNOW you are going to be so much smaller by then?

    UH you not think you are going to be smaller?!?!?! Because I know you will be. They are going to have to take that sucker in A LOT. I would have ordered that bitch at least 3 sizes smaller. Talk about motivation!

    Dont worry about what size your measurements make you. They are jacked up for real! You are much smaller then me and I would probably fit a 18, if not a 16...but we are built a little different.

    Sorry you are feeling under the weather! Hopefully the sun comes out...literally and metaphorically speaking.