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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clarification and more thoughts on the dress

Turns out the bride, my BFF, made an "executive decision" after seeing the sizing charts and ordered me a 22 instead.  I knew I was just inches from fitting into it but I couldn't get the "what if" thoughts out of my head and went with the 24 anyways.  I know better, I'll fit in the 22 and I'll still need it brought in 6 sizes ;)  They said they can bring it in any number of sizes so I'm not bothered getting a bigger size at this point.

Here's the thing.  I started my WLS journey at a size 24 and had surgery wearing a 22.  I once wore a 26 at my heaviest.  Am I wearing any 24s now?  NONE.  I recently shipped any remaining size 24s off to a newly banded blog buddy :) Am I wearing 22s?  No... 20 - nope... I'm in an 18.  Firmly.  I don't get any muffin top with an 18 and, for the love of god, I can breathe in them... comfortably.  I'm an 18!!!  I have 16s in my closet but I get some mean muffin top and I'm not quite ready for those pups yet.

I'm done beating myself up over having to order a freaking bridesmaids dress in a bigger size.  I know I'm not a 22 or a 24... I know better.  'Nuff said.

Oh and since we all love pics.. here's a relatively unattractive picture of me from the side with my kiddo.  We rode on the "Ducks" in Wisconsin Dells.  They used to use them in the military and they go on the land and in the water.  Fun stuff.


  1. Listen. The whole bridal industry is a RACKET! A Racket, I tell you!!! Their sizing is bizarre, and only intended to further stress out people involved. That is what I firmly believe. I had to buy a size 8 dress for my daughter, who is 5 and wears a 6x. Crazy. Oh - and it was $129 freaking dollars for a crappy flower girl dress! Good for you for not even worrying about it. Just sucks you have to get it tailored!

  2. Thanks Sarah. I really, really, really know it's a crazy industry but I don't think that helps when you're IN the moment, know what I mean?

    I have to get every dress tailored since I'm so short so I don't even bat an eyelash at that anymore :)

  3. You know what I think of when I read this story Tiffani? I remember when I was in college and had to order a bridesmaid dress and they had to add extra material to it. Yes the bridal industry is a racket, but you should feel amazing that they are going to have to seriously downsize that dress! I was in a wedding after I lost a bunch of weight on WW, I weighed 186 for one day ;-)...anyway, same thing ordered that dress is a 20 and I ended up having it taken in to about a size 14. You'll be gorgeous and that dress will look amazing!

  4. YAY on being comfy in your 18's you go girl. And I should be getting my box-o-clothes today or tomorrow and will do a fashion show on my blog. Hugs!

  5. I am glad you have your attitude back! You rock Tiff, K

  6. I'm glad you came to your senses and that you weren't upset about my executive decision. It'll be fine...we'll lose those couple inches together. (Or worst case scenario we'll go corset shopping

  7. jennyr - I once had to buy TWO of the same bridesmaid dress to have them sewn together to make one that fit me :(

    Ramona - bring on those picture, woman!! I'm dying to see how the clothes looks :)

    Kinzie - thank you so much sweetie!! :)