Rockin' it Out!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I figured I'd post before I read all your posts about how fabulous everyone is doing. I'm sooo happy for everyone but it's hard to read at the same time. Don't mean to be a downer.. just how I feel today.

I haven't been sleeping the best lately. I sit up wondering what the heck is wrong with my band. I am pretty sure something must be wrong. Either the amount of fluid in my band is totally wrong or I have a leak or some other problem. I feel the same as I did before I ever had a fill. Nothing different from the time I started eating solids til now. I can eat too much food still. I think the weight-loss thus far has been 80% me and 20% band. I have periodic hang-ups in my band if I eat too much or too fast but I don't really feel a ton of restriction. I don't know how to explain it.

I feel no different today than I felt Monday morning before my fill.

To answer a few questions... no they haven't ever taken the fluid 100% out to my knowledge. If they have I didn't know it. I feel no different. I just got done eating a rather large lunch and feel comfortably satisfied right now.

I do get the hiccups a lot lately when I'm eating. I got them at lunch today too. I read on the realize band site that hiccups indicate that your pouch is full and if you eat more you could throw up. I had only eaten a few bites at lunch when I got the hiccups and think it was mostly from eating too fast.

I honestly don't want people coming to my blog and feeling like I'm such a downer but I sure would love some support, encouragement, entertainment (!!), WHATEVER from you guys, lol. I just don't know where to go from here. Should I call and get in sooner??? Maybe they can check for a leak?

I'm convincing myself I'll need another surgery and that sucks. I paid a LOT of money out of pocket for this and to have to do it again makes me go "hmmm, what if it just happens like this again? Will it be worth it?"

I wonder about my first fill where she jabbed my insides/port a million times before finding the port entrance. Could she have poked my tubing and caused a leak, two leaks, more? Not really sure just trying to figure out what's wrong.

That's enough rambling for the day. I hope you're all fit and fabulous!! :) Love you girls.


  1. My doctor ALWAYS takes all my fluid out before putting the new stuff in. Just to make sure that its all still there! I hope nothing is wrong with yours I would have it checked tho esp since you were self pay I would go like tomorrow!! lol do they offer doing your fill under Floro? I havent had one or have needed one but that would just make sure that it hasnt slipped or if there is anything wrong with it. I also talked to someone that had her fill like a week ago and is JUST NOW feeling the restriction from it so maybe that might be it as well. I hope this helped Im sorry you are so down...I hope it gets better Keep us posted.

  2. Thanks for your reply, Mary. I put in a phone call just now to the nurse/program coordinator. She should be getting back to me tomorrow or if she's not there someone else should get back to me. I told her that I have serious concerns about my band being at 8 of 9 ccs full and to please get back to me asap.

    I was going to try and wait until my next fill visit on the 27th but you're right.. it's important and I'm self-pay and need to get this smoothed out asap. I'm going to see if anyone at the clinic is capable of doing a fill under fleuro or checking for leaks or SOMETHING! I just want this taken care of so I don't doom myself a complete failure from this already. I'm trying to stay optimistic for now and assume this isn't my fault. I'm maintaining so that's something.

  3. dont get upset or feel like you are a failure if it is something wrong atleast you are finding out what it is, thats the biggest thing is getting to the bottom of it 1st so you know what you need to do to fix it! I hope that there is nothing wrong and that you just need 1 more small fill to get there but you never know until you take charge right?!?!

  4. Please, please, please, for your own sake, don't worry so much! It took a lot of fills for me to feel restriction - it was like 5 or 6 before I felt it. My first four fills, I felt NO different at all. I worried a LOT too, I was exactly like you are now, but probably worse. But once the restriction hit though, it hit hard, and it turned out I did all that worrying for nothing.

    And no, it's not likely your tubing was punctured. The nurse would have felt it hit and would have had to still keep going through hard. I worried about the same thing, but my nurse had me stick a needle into one of the example bands that they keep in the office to show people and she showed me how you just can't pierce through the tube without knowing it.

    Really, I can't stress it enough, don't worry about this. This is how it goes. Just keep going back for your fills, and I PROMISE you, restriction will come!

    I wish you all the best!!

  5. Hi Tiffany, I'm sorry your having a difficult time right now. I'm glad your going to go to the doctor. On other post i've read where people think they have a lot in their band, they go in and have it taken out and they don't have nearly what they thought, so hopefully, that is your situations. You have really done so well with your weightloss, I'm sure your band will be fine. Just have them pull out the fluid and check how much is in there. I don't know if it evaporates or what, but you might be surprised that you don't have as much as you think especially since they've never checked. My doctor has only checked once how much I have in there, so he rarely does it, but was glad when he did.

    I too, don't quite feel my fill for about a week. Also, I don't know if it's that easy to put a hole in your band during the poking 'cause it seems like everyone would be having leaks if it was that easy. Don't worry, just get your band checked. I would insist that they at least pull everything out and see how much is in there.

  6. I'm just like you, have had one fill and I don't feel restricted. I'm losing (23 pounds) but I'm often hungry in the past few days. I'm going to tell my doc at the next fill and ask for a more aggressive approach. Don't worry. The band is not easily punctured.

  7. Hey Tiffany. I agree with everyone! Just like Mary, I would request a Flouro (however it's spelled). I have never had one either, but I think it would be the best for 2 reasons. 1. They find something wrong and can fix it...or 2. They dont find anything wrong and you can stop worrying about that. Also, I thought I had a lot more in my band once until he pulled it all I agree about that.

    On the positive...that 80% of your weight loss that is due to your hard work!!!!.....That is an awesome testiment to you girl!

    Dont give up yet. Once all of this is worked out, you will be able to help those in the same situation!

  8. how full is your band? Don't let your lack of restriction get you down. Just talk to your doctor and tell him how concerned you are. I hope you figure this out soon.