Rockin' it Out!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nutritionist visit and some goals

Yesterday I had my 3 mos post-op visit with my nutritionist. She basically went over my diet and added up the protein and said to eat more and then told me she'd see me in 3 more months or as needed before then. Sorta useless again :( Really not sure why I needed that visit.

I signed a 16 week contract with a personal trainer. I started last week and I've had a full week of it now. I see her FOUR days per week! Three days for strength training/weights and then the fourth day is cardio training. She pushes me on the treadmill... had that this morning and I feel great!! I have this issue with my hip on the left side when I walk for any length of time. We took a family walk on Sunday and then yesterday I had strength training and today cardio so it really hasn't had a chance to cool down or relax... so today's cardio was pretty painful but I knew it would cool down later and it has already. She showed me some stretches for it too and that felt great. I hoping to see some changes in my weight again with this but know it might take a while since I'm gaining muscle again.

I read Sarah's blog this morning and she was talking about some of her goals and where she is at with them. A lot of them are goals I've thought about accomplishing but never wrote them down so I just wanted to comment on a few of them from her journal.

* I wanted to be able to cross my legs properly. This is something I have accomplished. I can pull my leg up without grabbing at a pants leg or an ankle. I can keep them crossed without hooking my foot on a chair/table leg. I was sitting on a bench on Saturday waiting to be called for a dinner reservation and had my legs crossed the whole time!!! I felt cute! :)

* I want to be able to go to Six Flags Great America and ride some of the rides I had to get off of in my past. The last time I went I couldn't buckle the necessary buckles or make them click in place or whatever and had to get off of a few rides. TOTALLY humiliating and a feeling I don't want to have ever again. I'm not sure I'll be ballsy enough to go back until I'm super skinny in fear of not fitting again though! I remember at the time blaming my large chest for the reason of being kicked off. Ummm yeah... if the rest of me weren't so large my boobs wouldn't stick out as far.. HELLO! Oh well, it sounded good at the time. Oh, I'm with you though, Sarah... I am not sure I'll make it through the ride without throwing up but I have to at least try!

* I so badly want to shop in more than 2-3 stores. Lane Bryant, Old Navy, and Maurices are my staple stores these days. I suppose I bought a few bottoms from JC Penney's but overall I find their plus-sized tops to be old-fashioned and not for me.

* I want to wear cute clothes and feel COMFORTABLE in them. BIG deal to me. I like to be cute and pretend I don't care what I look like in my clothes but oh man do I ever care.

That about covers it for now. I'll be around again soon. Love you ladies!! :)


  1. your doing great girl!! I hope everything with the personal trainer goes well! I have something with my right knee that keeps bothering me when I run/walk.

  2. Tiffani - I never said I wouldn't puke on the roller coaster!!! In fact, the Scooby Doo one makes me pretty queasy... but worth it! However, for the REAL coasters, I think I'll wait until I'm under 100 pounds (i.e. maybe never do it?!?!?)... hee hee hee

  3. I am so proud of you for working with a personal trainer! My coworker who had bypass signed up with one and it has made such a huge difference for her! That is awesome!

  4. crossing my legs properly (without assistance) is one of my goals, too! it's the little things in life isn't it?