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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happenings.. or lack thereof

Well, I am done working full-time these days. Now I'll just be working 5-8 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday each week to work on this big insurance that's rather complicated. For some reason I'm the only one at work that knows how to reconcile the checks for that insurance so they asked me to stay on a few hours to do that. They also want me to come back to work there full-time some day. I have the rest of the week alone but next week the kiddo is home with me again! Yay!!! I can't wait to do fun stuff with her :)

Monday was the monthly support group meeting. There were only two post-op band people and two pre-op band people at the meeting. We did split off into band and bypass groups though and the nutritionist came with the bandsters and basically it was us talking about whatever we wanted to talk about. The pre-op people asked the post-ops questions that they had and we asked the nutritionist about concerns and things.

I asked her why I could sometimes FEEL things go through my band... like each bite. She explained that from what she understood of it, it wasn't the band opening I was feeling, it was my esophagus. Apparently the band changes the pressure in your esophagus and that's what I've been feeling. Makes so much more sense now!!!

In craptastic news... we lost our damn camera! It's been missing since early June I'd guess. If we don't find it now we're going to buy a new one because in our mind that is just something we can't go without. There have been several things I've wanted to snap a picture of and can't and it's been making me angry!! :(

That's about all... boring blog!

I have a nutritionist visit on Monday, my 3 mos post-op visit. Then the following Monday I have another surgeon visit... maybe a fill? This next Monday I also see my regular doctor to discuss my labs I had done this week. I found out the results and my diabetes hasn't improved, it's gotten worse. I'm too down about it to talk about it but I will some day... blech.

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  1. Tiffani - if you're a 1x/2x, I'd love to share some of my tops with you!!! Please send me your email (I'm and we'll coordinate... I'm out of town from Thurs-Mon, so it'll be sometime next week!