Rockin' it Out!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Quite the day so far!

It's only 3:30 or so and it's already been quite the busy day! I have off on Mondays now so I tried to squeeze every last thing in. I started the day getting new tires at the car dealership. They have comfy chairs and cold beverages while you wait so I was happy. I brought the second Twilight book "New Moon" and got a good chunk of that read.

I came home to eat lunch and then had my fill at 1:15. The NP got a new job out in Boston so this was my first fill with this surgeon. He is the partner of the surgeon who performed my band surgery. It went well, he found my port without a problem and mentioned he could feel the outline without a problem (to the resident who was with him). He was going to use lidocaine but I politely declined and it hurt less than a pinch this time. He gave me 2 more cc's to total 8 ccs in my 9 cc band. I'm more than a little concerned about where I'm going to go with my fills in a few months. I'm going to be FULL and then what?!!?!?! SERIOUSLY! I asked him if it was common to be at 6 ccs without much restriction and he sort of avoided the question. Basically said we'll just give me more and went about the procedure. I plan to ask and be more persistant about it next time.

So anywho.. I've not eaten anything yet but this had better be it... because where do I go from here if it's not? :(

After I got home from there I was inspired by my .4lb weightloss in one stupid month to go to the gym. I did cardio for 30 minutes and then took my measurements. I've lost some inches in several areas so that was encouraging. Also, I talked to the guy there about signing up for Boot Camp which starts on Wednesday. I'm considering it seriously. Something needs to give.

I'm so concerned about being 1 cc away from being FULL! WTF am I going to do :(


  1. Are you certain it's only a 9cc band? Isn't that kind of small? Maybe it's bigger? I bet this fill will do the trick and you'll find your Sweet Spot! Good luck, boot camp sounds...uh, hard! :) DO IT!!

  2. I am quite positive it's a 9cc band. It's the Realize band and they were talking about it in the office today as well. I think 9 is one of the bigger bands too actually! We'll see how the next couple days go after I'm on regular food! :)

    I think I might just go for the Boot Camp... it's free as a member and I'd regret not trying I think!

  3. I was told that even tho there it is a "certian cc" band It can actually be filled higher than the actual limit like mine is a 10 and it can be filled to 12. Hopefully it does something for you I go for my fill tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only my 2nd!

  4. OHHH and I started a bootcamp as well and even though it is hard at first just keep going and keep going it will get easier and you will feel soooo much better!

  5. Wow Tiffany!! Your doctor is really agressive with fills huh? I didn't realize you were so full in such a short amount of time. Has he tried taking out the fluid yet to see how much is actually in there? I've read that many people think they have a certain amount and then when the doctor takes it all out, it's not as much as they thought. Maybe you should try that. Sometimes people have leaks (I hope that's not the case, but worth looking into). I hope this one gives you restriction.

  6. Tiff this is a tough one! My doc told me that I have somewhere around a 10cc band. He wasnt very definite about it though. How are you feeling now that you have had this fill for a few days? Any restriction? Give it a few weeks before you work yourself into a may be a great spot for you and it could hold you for months!
    I was reading on LBT and it seems like once you reach a good restriction...some people only get little fills like twice a year!

    I would also have to say DAMN! Your doc IS aggressive with fills!

    And DOES he take it out each time to check what is in there?

    I will be eager to hear how you are feeling.

    Thanks for everything you posted on my blog today. It helped me a lot.

  7. wow I can't believe you are already at 8cc's! how are you doing now?