Rockin' it Out!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zoo adventures!! :)

After waking up at 9:45 this morning (I sleep as late as the kiddo sleeps!) we decided we should hit up the local zoo. Madison is our nearest big city and it's 15-20 minutes to either side of town from here so it's close. Henry Vilas Zoo is the zoo name and it's a FREE zoo! Gotta love that! It has great animal exhibits (of course) and then there's a carousel for $1/ride and a "train" ride for a $1 (just a tractor pulling small cars behind). There's also a HUGE play area with soft "ground" to land on. You'll see a pic of that below. Here's a picture of my kiddo watching prairie dogs (I think??) digging holes in their exhibit.
Then here is that awesome play area I was talking about. Check out the gorgeous weather we were having too... soooo perfect for being outside. High 70s and lovely out.

I added a picture of my kiddo at the monkey exhibit but it deleted when it loaded... I am not too great at adding pics to these posts... for some reason I can't get there where I want to get them. Any advice?

I figure after all that zoo walking I deserve a gold star :) Plus my eating wasn't terrible at all either!

I have to head in to do my lovely (sarcasm) 3 hours of work for the evening. I can hardly wait!!

Love you ladies!!


  1. WOW THAT PLAYGROUND LOOKS AMAZING! lol The Zoo here is so freakin expensive, my daughter has never been to the zoo. I think its time to take her.

  2. That looks like the most amazing zoo ever. Wish we had something similar here.. I would never leave (oh, should I take the kids? lol) Good on you for the heaps of walking and good(ish) .. is that a word?.. food choices

  3. Wow... what an amazing place - wish we had something like that here! We have a zoo, but it is 45 minutes away and not cheap (although we bought a season pass).

    In terms of the pictures, I usually upload them first, then go into the HTML tab of the post and cut and paste them to where I want and the order that I want them in. That is my only complaint with Blogger... I find the pictures a bit hard! Good luck and keep them coming!