Rockin' it Out!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pics and comments

Side view - 3 mos post op

Front view - not as flattering in my opinion

So, Wednesday was my 3 month bandiversary/surgiversary and these are the photos from that day. We still haven't found our camera so Chris took these with his iphone again. I'll have to get him to put together a side-by-side for me at some point.

Some things to note about this picture... the size 18 pants that make my legs look damn thin! I've never had an issue with big legs or thighs but these pants actually give me that credit! Then there's the shirt... it's too big. I bought 2x and apparently I fit in REGULAR SIZES IN THE STORE! Who knew!? Not me... I'm going to return the tops for a 1x because I like them but from now on I'm totally going to shop in the darn store!!!! Gotta love that NSV! :0

Oh and I posted these pics on my facebook and the comments I received on them drove me to happy tears! What a fabulous feeling to have all my friends and family tell me I'm wasting away! Wow... I love the support network I have. And best of all, I love you ladies!


  1. you look greaaaat!!!! I am also having a problem with the baggy shirts. who knew that would ever, your doing great!!!

  2. way to go - you look marvelous! get you some new clothes and celebrate no more double X!

  3. Somethings funky with my comp argh - I am following you and yet it wasn't coming up.. never mind, have you again now! Just wanted to say you are doing SO brilliant.. you really are. You must be feeling more restriction now? I am exactly like you.. I have three mls in now (I just had my 2nd fill) and I also have zero restriction. Can eat just like before, don't have to slow down and am waiting for mine to kick in now. Keep up the great work !! :) Cara

  4. Well I already told you on facebook not to turn sideways bc we wont be able to see you anymore :)

    I think you are beautiful! Keep it up!