Rockin' it Out!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Splash Park and Junk

Can you believe my child woke up at 10:45 this morning?! Yesterday I thought 9:45 was a bit excessive but DANG! I guess I really wore her out at the zoo and last night Chris took her to swim lessons so she had a busy, big day. So, since I use her as an alarm clock... I slept that long too. I did, however, get up at 7 and went to the gym from 7:30-8, but came back and went to sleep again, lol.

With such a late start my struggle then is... do I eat lunch or breakfast!? LOL Such a struggle to have I know. We decided on lunch and we got ready pretty quick and head off to another splash park in another nearby town. This summer we are definitely getting to do so much more with me at home. I'm glad for Cadence that she is getting this Mommy time and also being able to have the fun times at the zoo and parks and all that.

I forgot my camera today so no pics from the splash park, sorry.

I did manage to find some energy when I got back and did a load of dishes, a load of laundry and folded 2 more loads that were waiting for me. I have to put away a ton of clothes now and that's my least favorite part. I might try to convince the hubby :D Cadence got into it and helped me clean up too! She brought all the dirty dishes to me and I loaded and she gathered more laundry for me (the husband strips wherever he wants, I swear). She's really been a great kid the last few weeks and I think her attitude she had before was very much school related. How can I not believe that when she acts so great for me after a week of being home?? I'm happy with this change, of course. :)

On the eating front... things didn't look good for me today. Lunch consisted of stopping at Culver's (seems to be a midwest chain) on the way to the splash park. I had a small order of cheese curds and a scoop of lemon ice w/strawberries on top. Fabulous. :D Then I came home and finished off the puffy cheetos that somehow made it into my house. Don't worry, I did my household a favor by making them disappear. We are safe from the Chester Cheeto. You can all breathe easier now, I'm sure. So yeah... not so great. Sad thing... I'm full. How the heck am I gonna get 60 grams of protein in for the day at this hour!?!?! It ain't gonna happen people... and for that I am sorry, to myself. I had a bad eating day.

Love you ladies. :)


  1. Everyone has bad eating recognized it and are moving's all good in my opinion. I've fallen victim to Chester Cheeto many times myself...he's pretty persuasive :)

  2. Now I know what Cheetos are (thanks to Amy) I suspect we will all fall by that wayside now and again. They seem to call out to

    I'm envious of your summer and everything you're getting to do - I'm SO over winter. Can you pass some sunshine towards Australia please lol :)

  3. Those damn Cheetos!!! I love them too!!! Really, I love just about any type of chips and don't feel bad about it. We all do it, just start today fresh without guilt from yesterday and you'll be just fine!!!

  4. Hello! My name is Ramona and I found your blog thru Amy (Cheeseandsunkist). I have recently been banded and if you don't mind, I'd like to follow along with your journey. I also have a new blog online about my band too.

  5. i swear chesster just jumps into my grocery cart and won't get out!

    i've got to find a way to get rid of him, myself!