Rockin' it Out!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quick Post :)

This afternoon Chris and I spent some time outside raking the yard and leaf blowing.  While we were lugging the tarp full of leaves around to the front of the house I mentioned that my pants kept needing to be pulled up.  I said, "When I was fat I never had this issue."  Chris just hmphed and then I said, "Wait, did you hear what I just said?  That first part??!!  WHEN I was fat!" 

It was then that I realized a small part of my brain thinks I'm no longer fat!!!  What a great victory!!!  I will eventually win over all of my brain and oh what a happy world I will live in!!

Oh and... what a workout raking is!!  Whew!!


  1. That is really cool! Funny how it just slipped out!

  2. It's all mind over matter my dear and you are well on your way !! Awesome victory !!