Rockin' it Out!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sweet Pumpernickle!!!!

Dear gawd, I gained 3 lbs in a week.  Freakin' Halloween candy... good thing I ate it all so it can no longer taunt me.

Getting my fill under fluoro this afternoon!!!  I will hopefully be back sometime this weekend to post about it but we have a BUSY weekend ahead again.  A wedding tomorrow which is 2 hours away.  Then Sunday is Cadence's birthday and we have several different activities planned for that! :)  YAY!

Have a great Friday and a great weekend all!  Back on the wagon I go!


  1. sweet pumpernickle...I will use that one! Damn candy! Good thing you showed it what for! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Good luck with your fluoro today, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you get some answers!

  3. I double that.. good luck with the fluoro. Let us all know :)
    Don't worry about the 3 pound. Any weight gain is more serious than it sounds - you will blow that off quickly!!

  4. LOL ! I love that Sweet pumpernikel !! Good luck with the fill and Happy Bday to Cadence !

  5. Happy Birthday to Cadence and don't worry about the 3 lbs. They will fall off fast. I love pumpernickle by the way, it makes great sandwiches. LOL
    Can't wait to hear about the fluro appt. Hugs