Rockin' it Out!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saturday, 11/7, College Roomie's Wedding!!

Saturday was another super busy day!  We had guests for brunch on Sunday morning so we needed to prep the food and have it in the fridge overnight.  Well, with a wedding in the evening we knew we had to get creative.  We prepped everything and had both egg mixtures in the fridge and just poured them at the last minute when we got home from the wedding.  So we spent the late morning/early afternoon doing prep work and cleaning up the house.

Our wedding was 2 hours north of here in Appleton.  We opted to skip the ceremony.  We NEVER do this because it's RUDE but we did this time because we didn't stay over anywhere and had nothing to do for the 2-4 hours between the ceremony and the dinner.  There was an appetizers and cocktail hour that we did wind up attending as well but that was 2 hours of more waiting around... we wound up glad we skipped the ceremony.

Had a great dinner and cake and saw another of my roommates and two other people I knew from college as well.  It was very nice!!  Cadence LOVED it all.  She wanted to invite the "girl in the white dress" to her birthday party, haha.  She stared at her while she danced with her husband and then her father.  She always wanted to know where she was.  We ducked out at 9 pm to be home by 11 pm and mixed up our breakfast dishes and hit the hay!

Now on to the part that everyone loves... pictures!

ALLLLLL byyyy myself

Me (unflattering pose apparently.. blech!) with Nicole, my first college friend and sophomore roommate!

Me (in unflattering pose), Nicole, Stephanie - 2 of the 3 roomies sophomore year.

Chris and me :)  Cute, no?


  1. Cute ....yes!! You look adorable and your guy is a cutie lol Love the smirk.

  2. awww very cute. You look happy!

  3. Tiffani~ you look so great! I'm glad you all had fun, I would have skipped the ceremony too if that were the case.

  4. You Look great Girly!!!! I would have skipped it too if I had to wait that long espcially with a kiddo.