Rockin' it Out!

Monday, November 2, 2009

One busy week down... another left to go!

Last week was a bit chaotic for me in this house.  My parents came to stay the night on Friday and I was feeling like a chicken with my head cut off trying to clean and get ready for them to come.  They have only stayed the night at our house one other time.. when my kiddo was born almost 5 years ago now.  Otherwise they stopped at our house on a tour de Christmas one year when they stopped at all their older kids' homes.  So yeah, busy!!!

I managed to pull everything off though and I was happy with our mini-visit!  I had suggested making dinner and all my ideas were tossed out the window because my little brother (he still lives at home and goes to college) is lactose intolerant.  My mom suggested KFC for dinner since they don't have one by them.  Done.  They even bought.  Soooo, I made breakfast instead!  I made two different casseroles/bakes.  One was an egg and sausage dish and the other was a french toast with pecans and blueberries dish.  Both turned out great and everyone went away full and happy! :)  Success!  I didn't say they were healthy but they impressed the fam!

I'm making them again this coming Sunday morning.  Sunday is my kiddo's 5th birthday and I'm having the inlaws over for brunch.  I'll do these two dishes, fruit and MIL (mother-in-law) is bringing pumpkin muffins.  Of course, we'll also have some sort of birthday cake.. maybe coffee cake or something since her official party is at 1 that afternoon and we'll be doing cake there.

Her kid/official party is at 1-3 at Animart.  A few of her closest friends will be there and they'll get a tour of the pet store and then there will be a pinata and cake and presents.  Good times.  It will be a crazy weekend though, yet again.  Not to mention the wedding we're attending on Saturday that is 2+ hours away.  It's my college roommate and I don't want to miss it though so we'll make do. :)

OK on to band news!!

I got a phone call from the NP this morning and I have a fluoro scheduled!!!  I am going in THIS Friday at 2 pm!!!  I am sooo excited!  Either I'm going to find out something is wrong or I'm going to get a fill and both excite me... even the problem part.  If there's a problem, at least I'll know and can take steps to fix it. 

A question for all of you...

Anyone ever heard of a pressure fill?  The girl I "met" on LBT that has the same issue I have (can eat anything, no pb's, same band, needed to be overfilled to get to the green zone) said her doctor performed a "pressure fill" on her and had some sort of gauge on the fill needle and filled her to a good pressure instead of going by the number of cc's in her band.  I mentioned this to the NP and she hadn't heard of it.  I asked her to look into it but she hasn't mentioned it.  I'm just wondering if I should be asking for something more specific.. maybe I'm not using the right terminology??  So if anyone knows anything, I'd be very appreciative.

Off to get some laundry done for the week! 


  1. Wow busy lady, you are working hard to keep everything together, good for you!

    Never heard of a pressure fill... Keep googling I'd say!


  2. Good luck on the fill!

    I've never heard of a pressure fill either.

  3. Glad you had fun with your folks over! And I've never heard of the pressure fill either. Now you will have to do a post on it so we can all read about it lol

  4. hmmm..pressure fill sorry never heard of it but now I'm gonna go google it ! Glad everything went well with the fam. I feel that same way with the in-laws every single time.

  5. This is what I found on pressure fills. Looks like it's a theory currently in testing.