Rockin' it Out!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Haircut, baby hairs, fills, oh my!

Well, where to start?!  I guess first of all, today is my fill at 3:45.  I plan on really talking to the NP and asking her to be generous and let me deal if I'm too tight (not *really* but to give me more than .4 this time).  I've never BEEN too tight so it's just hard to see that happening to me if that makes any sense.  I sort of want it to happen to know that it CAN happen!  That there's a green zone for me coming.

Yesterday, I ran into the salon and got a quick trim.  Well, I suppose I scheduled it but she happened to have an opening yesterday so I scooped it up!  I went at 4 and her next appt wasn't until 5 so she curled and styled my hair for free in between!  Sweet!  Here's a shot I captured on my laptop webcam.. so not that great.  I also took it about 2-3 hours after so it was a bit flatter than it started.  She knows I like volume so she always gives me big hair :D hehe.

Don't you just LOVE my wallpaper too?  And the sleeping kitty?  That's Rocky!  This is where I normally sit while I'm blogging or on my laptop.  The wallpaper has been here since before we bought the house and we've just not been troubled to take it down...even though we despise it.  Sigh... it will wait.

Some good news.. :)  As my stylist was cutting my hair she pointed out all the little baby hairs sticking straight up from the top middle of my head!  YAY!  My hair is growing back! :)  I'd noticed that it stopped falling out but didn't notice these baby hairs until she pointed them out.  Well, darn it if I couldn't stop talking about them after that LOL.  I was so excited! :)

I'm growing my hair long for my BFF's wedding in May so I have something to style for the big day, lol.  Otherwise I usually cut my hair pretty short or at least a bit different each time.  This was just a trim :)

I'll report back in once I know what I got for a fill!  I work tonight so maybe after work or tomorrow :)


  1. Tiffani~ We have the same wallpaper! I have that horrid paper in my kitchen behind the sink and below the cabinets and I hate it. So I feel your pain.
    I like your hair, I never would have taken you for a big hair girl tho. I hope your fill goes great!

  2. Love the hair. AND, I have the same little hairs sticking straight up all over now. At first, they were just around my forehead, but now they are all over. if I dont use conditioner (like today) they are really wild! Bad hairs!

  3. You look great. Hope you get a great fill!

  4. Can't wait to hear how your fill turns out!!

  5. Look at you - your face is so slim! And let us know how the fill goes. I'm joining you next Monday and cannot wait!! Cute little haircut!

  6. You hair looks nice! Hey, I got my fill today too. I hope yours went well.