Rockin' it Out!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bad Blogger

I've been avoiding my blog much for the same reason that Amy mentioned.  It gets hard to talk about getting back on the wagon all the time, she said.  Well, same here.  I've got this band issue going on and have no future fills scheduled... or room for a fill for that matter.  They are supposedly working on getting me a fill under fluoro but I haven't heard from them since Friday.  I hate to be a nag so I'm planning to wait til this Friday before calling them to see what the status is. 

Friday I was supposed to have my six month follow-up with my nutritionist (oh yeah, six months was the 22nd) but she called a couple hours before and said her daughter had a fever and she had to go pick her up.  I was so bummed... I was totally ready to lay it out there and tell her how I've been eating (like crap) and ask for help.  But.. alas... I can wait, I have to wait!

Last weekend my family met up with my longest, oldest friend and her family.  I've been friends with Sarah since the 3rd grade and we each have a husband and a child now.  It's been since her baby shower since I saw her though so it was awesome to finally meet her kiddo.  We took a series of photos together to get a good shot of us two ladies with our kids and this one was in the mix... I had NO clue my kid was doing this...

This was on our camera but a similar one showed up on Sarah's camera and she posted it on facebook.  I thought.. hmmm check me out, I don't look so bad!  I don't feel like I'm a size 70 million next to Sarah's size 2... or whatever that twiggy girl is! :) Love her!  I do have to do something about my lifeless hair though... not sure what, any ideas?

Anywho, thanks for hanging around... I'll post when I have more news.  Weight's still the same but that's to be expected when I can still eat the way I do... ick! ;) It'll change soon, I know it.


  1. Oh Tiffani! Well at least you are 40 plus pounds down and happy 6 month bandiversary! You do look good in that picture. I too sometimes suffer from dull lifeless hair. I bucked up and found a good hairstylist (which means I pay more than my norm fantastic sams). She gave me the long side swept band, which means I had to stop parting down the middle. That helps. She also worked some layers in..adding a little fullness. Just some thoughts...I am not that good at hair!

  2. I will now spend the remainder of my evening looking up cute cuts to recommend... And you look good too!

  3. Great pic, Tiffani - love your little girls face.. cheeky monkey lol.
    Happy Bandiversary. Six months is excellent and you are forty pounds down. That's an achievement worth celebrating.
    The hair. Hmm. I think layering is the way to go too. It gives body and adds a little 'fluff.' Maybe it would be cooler to have fluffy hair as opposed to 'fluffy' body lol just as Amy mentioned in one of her recent posts.

  4. Cute picture, you look great and your daughter is adorable. Hang in there, hoping you figure out what's going on with your band soon!

  5. I've been wondering how you are sweetie. Seems like we are all being dragged by the wagon these days huh? Hugs!
    You look great in that pic. I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to haircuts because I always love it at first then hate it till it grows out. It's a vicious cycle for me. So no advice from me on that. Oh, I've been getting tons of compliments on the cute tops you sent me. Thanks again!

  6. Hey there my dear Tif ! I'm glad to hear from you and dont sweat it you're doing just fine, like another blogger said you're down 40 lbs !! That's probably about the size of your daughter, think about it you've lost the equivalent of your daughter in weight !!!

    About the hair I agree that the layers are a good option that will being bounce. How about some highlights ??

  7. Happy Bandiversary! You look wonderful! I had to laugh at the picture of your little daughter loves to do the same thing!

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  9. Hey Tiff, what luck you have been having! I hope your fluoroscopic exam finds you still have room in your band, I think this is every bander's horror. Getting to full capacity & not being tight enough! What kind of band do you have? Is it a Lap Band or Realize Band? Keep us posted, & hope your family gets well soon.